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As Spring Warms Up, So Does Capital Bikeshare

Staff March 26, 2012 This blog was written by a member of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP). ATP is Arlington County’s business-to-business transportation consulting team, specializing in transportation demand management for employers, multi-family residential communities, commercial properties, hotels and schools.

So far, 2012 has been a great year for Capital Bikeshare, and it’s sure to only get better.

If you haven’t tried the country’s largest bikeshare program yet, the coming Spring months are a great time to check out those red bikes you’ve been seeing everywhere.  CaBi, which has been rapidly expanding in both DC and Arlington, now has 1,300 bikes and 150 stations, 26 of which are located in Arlington. Recent data shows the growing popularity of the program - the month of February saw a 114% increase in ridership from the year before with over 103,000 rides. In addition, the record for daily ridership was recently set on St. Patrick’s Day, with over 7,800 trips, breaking the previous record of 6,300 that had been set only three days earlier! In anticipation of the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival, two new stations were also just installed on the National Mall, and were the 2nd and 3rd busiest stations in the system in their first weekend in operation.

In other bikeshare news, Arlington has begun promoting its Bikeshare Transit Development Plan (TDP), which will review the current system as well as consider expansion plans for new stations throughout the county over the next six years. The draft plan currently includes four different station expansion scenarios for Arlington, one of which will serve as a “general guide” for future stations. If you are interested in learning more about the TDP, the county is placing a heavy emphasis on public input during the planning process, and has scheduled two general meetings (March 29th and June 27th) to give citizens an opportunity to voice their opinions. You can also continue to suggest new station locations via Capital Bikeshare’s crowdsourcing map.

As new stations continue to be added throughout the year, it’s a good time to consider Capital Bikeshare’s corporate membership program. This program can improve employee commutes to work, make it easier to get around during the workday, and encourage a healthier overall lifestyle. Arlington Transportation Partners can help your company take advantage of various membership options and provide a great benefit to employees.

Hope this has provided some good motivation to think about a Capital Bikeshare membership! And don’t forget about Bike to Work Day on May 18th! Contact us with any questions about getting you and your company involved.

Keara Mehlert is a Business Development Specialist with Arlington Transportation Partners.

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