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Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 18

Jonathan Boldes
Jonathan Boldes April 4, 2018 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners and has been living car-free since 2011. He often rides his bike four miles to work but also utilizes various buses and the Metro.
ATP Takeaway: Bike to Work Day is the perfect time to try commuting by bike. Join thousands of fellow riders for fun and festivities while also taking advantage of a sustainable commute and free exercise.

Bike to Work Day is almost here! On Friday, May 18, thousands of riders from the entire DC region will descend upon more than 85 pit stops for free breakfast, giveaways, and information on biking in the area. The event, hosted by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, brings together nearly 20,000 riders enthusiastic about biking to work (and looking for some bonus giveaways, too!). 




What’s in It for Me?

You mean besides the unending gratitude of a sustainable commute to work that will also possibly provide you with the equivalent of a free trip to the gym? Fine. Here are the freebies and swag:

  • Free t-shirt at your registered pit stop
  • Refreshments and giveaways
  • Raffle prizes
  • Camaraderie and fun
  • A way to make colleagues jealous when you get to the office with swag
  • Bragging rights over those who didn’t bike
  • a new twitter follower if you mention @ATPCommutes in a photo *

*ATP is unable to ensure, promise, or otherwise guarantee that our official social media account will click the follow button on your profile, though we may feel compelled if your tweet is particularly stellar. Extra compelled if you follow us too!

Where Are the Pit Stops in Arlington?

This year Arlington County will have nine official pit stops, seven during the morning and two in the afternoon. BikeArlington is organizing the pit stops in Ballston, Columbia Pike, Crystal City, Rosslyn, and Shirlington, so there are a lot of options for you to stop by on your way to work.

Morning pit stops

Rosslyn: Gateway Park (1300 Lee Highway), 6:30-9:00 a.m.

Ballston: Freshbikes Bike Shop (3924 Wilson Blvd), 6:30-9:00 a.m.

Columbia Pike: Penrose Square (2503 Columbia Pike), 6:30-9:00 a.m.

Shirlington: Shirlington Library (4200 Campbell Avenue), 6:30-9:00 a.m.

East Falls Church: East Falls Church Metro (2001 N Sycamore St), 6:30-9:30 a.m.

Crystal City: Crystal City Water Park (1750 Crystal Drive), 7:00-9:00 a.m.

Army National Guard: Temple Army Readiness Center (111 S George Mason), 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Afternoon pit stops

Rosslyn: Heavy Seas Alehouse (1501 Wilson Blvd), 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Shirlington: New District Brewing (2709 S Oakland St), 4:30-6:30 p.m.

How to Find a Route

First, figure out which pit stop works for you. Your choice is often between visiting a pit stop near your home or near your destination (or both!). Just note that only the pit stop you register for will have your t-shirt.

Google Maps is one of the most effective bike routing tools—you just need to make sure to select the bike symbol after selecting your start and end location. Google will prioritize bike trails and lanes to get you to your location quickly and safely.

You can also use one of the transportation apps such as CarFreeAtoZ, Transit, or CityMapper to accomplish the same goal.

The large number of riders on Bike to Work Day also means that bicycle convoys exist that you can join or you can even connect with other riders if you need some help finding your way. The full list of bicycle convoys can be viewed by visiting the official BTWD website. If your route doesn’t match up with any of the convoys, you can always post in the Washington Area Bike Forum to look for help or fellow riders.

You can sign up for Bike to Work Day for free below.

Register for Bike to Work Day 2018

Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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