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Capital Bikeshare Plus Has Arrived

Sheila McGraw
Sheila McGraw September 6, 2018 Sheila McGraw is the Residential Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners and has been living car-free since 2012. Having lived in Amsterdam, the city of bikes, she loves to get out and ride and combine her bike trips with other forms of transportation in multi-modal trips.
ATP Takeaway: Capital Bikeshare has added electric bikes (or ebikes) to their fleet. Get the inside scoop about the new bikes so you are ready to ride.

Ebikes are fun to ride and make traveling longer distances, pedaling up hills, and arriving to work sweat-free easy. That is why we are very excited that Capital Bikshare has added new pedal-assist ebikes, known as Capital Bikeshare Plus, to their fleet. Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) has answered your FAQs below so you are ready to roll.




What is Riding an Ebike Like?

Riding a Capital Bikeshare Plus ebike is similar to riding a classic bikeshare bike, but easier. They are pedal-assist bikes, which means the motor kicks in when you start to pedal and adds power to your stroke. When you stop pedaling the motor also stops. The motor on these bikes will boost you up to 18 mph before shutting off. To access the motor, press the ‘Power’ button on the middle of the frame.

Same same, but different: brakes, gear shift, and the bell

While the brake and bell are similar enough to classic bikeshare, the gear shift on the ebike appears and feels slightly different. Instead of clicking into first, second, or third gear as you would on a red bike, the gear shift on a Capital Bikeshare Plus is more seamless and is just a rotation with no click. As on a regular bike, the gear shift makes pedaling easier or harder, and does not increase your speed. To increase your speed, pedal faster—as you would on any bike.

Do I Pay More to Ride Capital Bikeshare Plus?

No, Capital Bikeshare Plus (ebikes) are included in your membership. Having an annual membership is your best bet if you plan on using the bikes on a regular basis. For $85 a year you can ride the bikes as much as you want as long as your trips are under 30 minutes. Learn about ways to optimize your Capital Bikeshare membership and how to bikeshare like a pro.

How Can I Find Capital Bikeshare Plus Ebikes?

The black ebikes are docked the same as the red classic bikes, so you can find and return them to any Capital Bikeshare station in Washington, DC; City of Alexandria; and Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery, or Prince George’s County. You can find the ebikes through the Capital Bikeshare app—look for a lightning bolt next to a station to find the ebikes. Note, Capital Bikeshare Plus ebikes are black; instead of the classic red bikeshare color.


Why Should I Try an Ebike?

Riding an ebike is guaranteed to make you smile. It can also make trips that seem long or strenuous on a traditional bike completely doable. Ebikes also help alleviate the worry about showing up to a meeting or your friend’s house sweaty—especially in this summer heat.

Start Riding

We hope you hop on a Capital Bikeshare Plus ebike and share your experience by tweeting @ATPCommutes. If you are an Arlington Resident who has never had a Capital Bikeshare membership, we can help you out with a discount. Contact ATP and request your discount to start riding.

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Photo Credit: Sheila McGraw

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