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3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Vanpool

Brooke Waller
Brooke Waller July 10, 2018 Brooke Waller is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: Commuting to work doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Adjusting your schedule may allow you to take advantage of vanpooling options, which could reduce your commute time and stress.

Nine months ago, Michael switched from driving alone in his personal car from Warrenton, VA to vanpooling with seven of his fellow coworkers to Arlington, VA. He says his new commute is less stressful, especially since he doesn’t have to drive all five days a week and can share driving responsibilities among his vanpool crew.

Check out these three tips from Michael below for those who are interested in changing their commute and joining a vanpool to commute work.



1. Find a Vanpool

Starting or finding a vanpool is the biggest challenge when trying it as a new commute option. You can talk to your neighbors, fellow coworkers, or ask your Human Resources Department at work to promote vanpooling to recruit new riders. This can help finding other employees who have similar work schedules and commute patterns to quickly start a vanpool.

2. Determine if the Schedule Works

One of the obstacles Michael had to overcome was finding a vanpool that worked for his work schedule. His friend referred him to use the Commuter Connections ridesharing database connecting interested vanpoolers in the region, and Michael was able to find a vanpool that synced with his work schedule.

Finding a vanpool that works for your schedule can take time. Commuters that are willing and able to be flexible with their hours will have a greater chance of getting a vanpool match.

Coordinating schedules and routes

As part of the vanpool search process, we provide one-on-one assistance to commuters in finding a vanpool match that works for their schedule. During the process, we collect riders work hours, home address, and work location to find a possible match. We work with local vanpool providers and our database to assist riders in finding a vanpool match. Vanpools must have a minimum of four people to get a vanpool started. Visit JoinAVanpool.com and we will assist you in finding a vanpool customized to your schedule.

3. You Can Adjust Your Commute

A common myth about vanpooling is that it is hard to get out of a contract after signing up but that’s not the case. You can opt out of vanpooling if your schedule changes, move, or if it no longer works for you. However, participating in a vanpool is a commitment. Most vanpools vendors operate on a month to month basis and require a 30-day notice and one-month payment in advance. Commuters must notify the vanpool coordinator and the vanpool vendor before withdrawing.

Ready to Start to Vanpooling?

Don’t delay, start vanpooling today. Contact ATP and let us assist you in the process of finding the perfect vanpool match, which will save you money and help you have a less stressful commute. Let us help you find an easier commute.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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