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Five Reasons to Dump the Pump

Staff June 21, 2012 This blog was written by a member of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP). ATP is Arlington County’s business-to-business transportation consulting team, specializing in transportation demand management for employers, multi-family residential communities, commercial properties, hotels and schools.
ATP TAKEAWAY: For National Dump the Pump Day, try leaving your car at home and save money by using public transit instead. While it may not be the easiest for you to take transit, or are skeptical of the benefits, we hope that you try out the train or bus and continue to dump the pump in the future!

Did you know that today is National Dump the Pump Day sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)? This nationwide event encourages people to leave their cars at home and save money by using public transit instead. While it may not be the easiest for you to take transit, or are skeptical of the benefits, we hope that you try out the train or bus and continue to dump the pump in the future! At Arlington Transportation Partners, we are always trying to promote other modes of transportation, so here are five main reasons why you should Dump the Pump…

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Cost Savings
You can save a significant chunk of money just by switching from driving to public transit! According to APTA, a two person household that downsizes to one car can save on average around $10,000 a year. In Washington, D.C. specifically, individuals can save around $819 a month by riding public transit instead of using a car to get around. These savings are based on the cost of commuting by public transit, as well as the costs of driving, which includes gas, maintenance, insurance, plus other expenses. Check out this fuel calculator to compare the costs of public transit to driving! 

Less Stress, More Time
Sitting in traffic and dealing with other drivers, particularly in DC, can make for a stressful commute to work. It also wastes valuable time that can be spent doing other things such as spending time with family or going to the gym. However, taking public transit can help you avoid traffic jams and allow you to relax and enjoy a book, nap, or check your email while commuting. Employees who are happier typically stay with their employers longer, reducing recruiting and training costs for employers, and improving their bottom line.

Help Reduce Congestion
Switching to public transit can greatly benefit your community and the region as a whole. Less cars on the road means less congestion, better air quality, and fewer gallons of gasoline consumed. Without public transportation use, the costs of congestion would have increased from $101 billion to $118 billion in 2010, and it helps reduce carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons each year. In addition, someone with a 20 mile round trip commute who rides public transit instead of driving can reduce their emissions by over 4,800 pounds a year.

Improve Your Physical Health
Research has shown that people who take public transit are actually physically healthier and get more exercise than those who drive. About a third of transit users get more than 30 minutes of exercise a day, solely by walking or biking to and from public transit. In addition, one study showed that transit commuters accumulated almost one hour of additional moderate exercise a week, as opposed to those who drive. These health advantages can benefit employers as well – workers who are healthier typically have fewer sick days, reduced health care costs, and are more productive during the work day.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program
Some commuters may be wary of public transit and would rather drive just in case of an emergency at home or if they have to stay working late at the office. However, the Guaranteed Ride Home program can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for if an unexpected situation ever arises. For commuters who take transit, bike, walk, or carpool two or more days a week, you can use up to four free rides home a year for reasons such as a personal emergency or unscheduled overtime. Make sure you sign up today!

Enjoy Dump the Pump Day commuters! Be sure to contact ATP if you would like to learn about tax-free transit benefits and other commute incentive programs! 

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