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Learn about Transit Benefits from the Experts

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson October 12, 2021 Katie was a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners

ATP Takeaway: Join Commute66 on Tuesday, October 19 at 10:00 a.m. for a webinar on why employers should include transit benefits in open enrollment. 

Commute66 hosted a webinar discussing why employers should promote their transit benefits during this year’s open enrollment. Commute66 can help address the top concerns many HR professionals currently have today, such as hiring and retaining workers (67.7%) and balancing in person and remote worker (11.3 %).




What Your Company Can Gain

When a company chooses open enrollment to promote transit benefits and programs to their employees, your company improves their benefits package. This results in an improvement in hiring and retaining top talent. Additionally, promoting the use of  transit benefits and programs available will help your company see the extra steps your company has taken to promoting a healthy lifestyle that goes above and beyond a typical benefits package.

Diversity in benefits

Including transit benefits and programs in an employer’s benefit package ensures that the entire workforce, regardless of where they live, can find a reliable and affordable commute option. This improves equity and promotes a nimble and resilient workforce that has the support to respond to changes.

Employee specific benefits

Including transit benefits in open enrollment allows employees to take advantage and consolidate their time during a time when they are already considering their plans for the upcoming year. Additionally, including transit benefits in open enrollment will demonstrate the employer’s effort to improve their teams’ daily commute and their work/life balance, help employees save more money, and reduce stress.

Education, Communication, and Engagement

Commute66 can help companies, residential properties, and commercial properties before, during, and after open enrollment. We know the importance of improving your employees' commute and work experience as you prepare to return to the workplace.

Commute66 can set up events or provide pre-recorded explanation videos to help explain not only the employer’s benefits but also regional programs. We also include tips, tricks, and information to help everyone understand and take advantage of the multi-modal transit network available in the northern Virginia area.

Watch the 30-minute webinar to learn more about what complimentary consultation and assistance Commute66 can provide your organization!


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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