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Sustain & Save FAQ

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson March 28, 2022 Katie is a Business Development Manager for Commute66 and Vanpool Connect programs at Arlington Transportation Partners. While living in a rural area meant that she completely relied on a vehicle, Katie has loved the financial freedom and independence she has gained by committing to a car-free lifestyle after moving to DC in 2017.
ATP Takeaway: If you’re new to Sustain & Save or have had questions about it, this is the blog for you. We’ll answer some of the most common questions Commute66 receives and provide clarity on next steps for anyone looking to join the program.

Sustain & Save is a financial program by Commute66 that offers benefits to both employees and their employers. It offers workers the opportunity to earn $100 every month that they forgo their parking spot in favor of taking a more sustainable commute option to work, such as carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, or using public transit.

Employers also save on the cost of paying for on-site parking coverage while reducing the likelihood of a parking crunch slowing things down at the office. 

In order to make the program as accessible as possible to employees who work and commute along I-66, we've compiled our most frequently asked questions from employers, participating commuters, and those just discovering the program. 



How Do I Join Sustain & Save?

To join the program, employers must be enrolled first but both processes are quick and easy.

Your employer signs up first

For a company to enroll they must have a workplace within 3-miles of I-66, inside the beltway. Your staff's HR team will need to review and sign the Employer Participation Form once they've met with a Commute66 representative and ensured that employees at your business are eligible.

From there, Commute66 takes over the administration of Sustain & Save. We’ll also provide your company with informational materials and promotional content to help you spread awareness internally.

Enrolling employees 

Once your company is enrolled and Commute66 has confirmed eligibility, employees can fill out the online application. Upon approval, they'll receive an email welcoming them to the program and instructing them to send over some personal documents, which Commute66 needs in order to process the $100 monthly incentive.

Will Sustain & Save Fit My Schedule?

We do everything we can to ensure Sustain & Save fits within every participant's schedule. Our mission is to make this a stress-free program that offers benefits to everyone.

We guide applicants and employers through every step of the process in order to make it as easy as possible.

Choosing a new commute

Commute66 will help you through the process of determining which mode of commute will be the best fit. If you don’t already know how you’ll be traveling to the office, we’ll analyze your schedule and your route to work in order to map out a commute plan that will work for you.

Upholding your monthly commitment

Once in the program, we'll ask you to fill out a survey at the end of every month just to confirm that you've been keeping up with your sustainable commute. Once completed, our finance team will ensure you receive your $100 incentive for the month.

Ready to Join?

If Sustain & Save sounds like a good fit, reach out to us and we’ll get to work determining your eligibility and figuring out a new commute for you.


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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