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Three Things Employers Should Know about Champions

Marie Cox
Marie Cox March 31, 2021 Marie Cox is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP).

ATP Takeaway: Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) recently hosted an informational webinar for employers in Arlington who want to learn about Champions. See our key takeaways from the webinar and find out how to get started with the program.

Recently, Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) Employer Services team hosted a webinar to share information about how companies can participate in Champions. The discussion shared special insights into the program and how forward-thinking companies can leverage their relationship with ATP through this initiative to build a sustainable and supportive work environment in 2021.

Here are a few things we learned from the webinar, but be sure to watch the full recording to learn more about the program and make the most of your company’s involvement this year. Haven’t enrolled yet? Sign up here.




Any Company Can Be a Champion

Champions are companies working with ATP on an annual basis to enhance sustainable transportation initiatives. Since 2014, more than 400 businesses and properties have participated in the program, including companies like Amazon, Air Force Aid Society, and Cadmus.

You may think that Champions only works with certain types of employers in the County, but the truth is that any employer with an office location in Arlington can qualify for Champions. While the program includes companies as small as two employees or as large as 33,000 employees, the median employer size is 42 employees.

The program also accepts companies from all industries. The top five industries among participating Champions are nonprofit organizations or associations, consulting firms, government agencies, technology firms, and government contractors.

Champions Helps You Achieve Goals

ATP understands your company’s goals to create flexible plans that will help you achieve them while also boosting your workplace transportation and/or telework initiatives. This year, we’re seeing many companies with goals to advance sustainability or to bring employees back to the office.

With transportation being the number one contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, partnering with ATP through Champions can lower your company’s carbon footprint by helping employees choose sustainable modes of transportation.

As you plan to bring employees back to the office later this year, participating in Champions can show your employees that you’re proactively looking at ways to support flexibility and provide commuting options to support the adjustment. It also includes opportunities like developing return to office commute plans with ATP assistance or helping you expand your existing telework policy.

New Opportunities in 2021

Even if you’ve participated in Champions previously, there are new additions to the program each year that help you stay current on commuting trends in Arlington or reach a higher level than the previous year. This year, a few of those opportunities include:

SILVER: Participate in an ATP webinar

GOLD: Form a carpool with ATP assistance

PLATINUM: Provide a fleet of bicycles for workday travel or commuting

Additionally, there are some new recognition and award opportunities for companies this year. Platinum Level employers can even receive financial assistance toward professional development opportunities with the Association for Commuter Transportation.

There’s More to Learn

Is Champions right for your organization? Take 30 minutes to find out how the program positions you as a sustainable leader in Arlington County and other insights when you watch our on-demand webinar, Champions 101: Build a Supportive and Sustainable Workplace.


Photo Credit: Reema Desai/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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