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10 Reasons to Try a Vanpool

Elizabeth A. Denton
Elizabeth A. Denton October 31, 2016 Elizabeth A. Denton is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: Thinking about joining a vanpool? Here's our list to dispel any of your hesitations - you'll want to start vanpooling after this.

In the grand tradition of David Letterman, here are our 10 reasons to try vanpooling, starting with number 10 and working towards number 1!

10. Commute Distance

Vanpooling works best for those with longer commutes, about 15-25 miles. More often, other riders will be coming in from further distances, so it boosts up your possibility of a ridematch.

9. Work Schedules

Vanpooling, similar to carpooling, relies on a fairly consistent schedule. If you work a regular 9-5 AND live far away, this is for you. Also, keep in mind that Guaranteed Ride Home can help you out if you have a personal emergency and can’t catch your vanpool home or need to leave early.

8. Rent a Van Specifically for Vanpools

You don’t use your own car for a vanpool. Vanpool groups obtain vans either go through a third party like Enterprise Rideshare, or lease their own van. You won’t have to put your personal vehicle through the wear and tear of commuting.



7. HOV Lanes

Vanpools travel on HOV lanes and roads. Watch the traffic congestion from your cushy seat as your sleek new vanpool van zips past them all.

6. Van Amenities and Features

Speaking of cushy seats, many vanpool vans come with modern captain’s seats and can be equipped with WiFi. WiFi comes at an additional cost, but being able to access your work email or upload vacation pics to Instagram (seriously, which would you rather do?) might be worth it with your longer commute.

5. Quick Route to Work

There are minimal additional stops since vanpools tend to be made up of a group of people who work in the same building. Maybe it makes two stops to pick up everyone, but then it’s a straight shot to your office. Can’t do that on a bus!

4. Reserved Parking for Vanpools

Many new buildings in Arlington are required to provide at least one vanpool parking spot. This priority spot means a few short steps to your final destination, not a 15-minute walk from whichever parking spot you manage to find.

3. Use your Transit Benefit and Vanpool Connect

You won’t keep losing all your hard-earned money to monthly commuting costs – in fact, you’ll save money! Vanpoolers are eligible for up to $260 a month in federal benefits. Go ahead, splurge on the WiFi for your van!

2. Easily Join a Vanpool

It’s easier to get into an existing vanpool than to set up a new carpool. With so many vanpools already commuting in and out of Arlington, it makes sense that you will be matched with one more quickly. Vans are rarely full to capacity, with about 7-15 riders, leaving you with more leg room. Don’t believe us? Sign up and find out.

Ready for the number one reason? Drumroll please!

1. Enjoy your “Me Time”

The number one reason to vanpool is that you won’t feel obligated to make small talk since there are several other riders in the van. Unlike if you were in a carpool with just one or two other people, you can all ignore each other without anyone feeling left out. Go ahead, put on your headphones and lose yourself in your phone.

Now that we have convinced you, check out to sign up. An easier commute is in your future.


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