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Riders Tell All, Amazing Benefits of Vanpooling

Brooke Waller
Brooke Waller October 31, 2017 Brooke Waller is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: There are several positive benefits of vanpooling to work. Often times, new vanpool riders are surprised to learn how great their experience turns out because of the comfortability of the ride, back up options available, stress free signup process and money saved.

Everyone knows about carpooling, but vanpooling often remains a mystery. Recently, we spoke to riders in our Vanpool Connect program to hear about their favorite aspects and to get a firsthand perspective.

1. Stress Free Sign Up Process

It’s easier to get into a vanpool than most people think; leave the heavy lifting to ATP and visit to sign up. We will connect you with our trusted vanpool partners to assist in ride matches, subsidy allocation and ensuring everyone is ready to ride in the van.

“Signing up was fairly simple. We owe that to a gentleman who took it upon himself to take the lead in the endeavor. He made it simple for everyone and encouraged us to participate”, said Vincent who rides in a vanpool traveling from Maryland to Arlington.



2. Van Comfort

One of the common misconceptions that riders have about vanpools is that the van will be crowded, uncomfortable or not have the amenities needed. Many vanpool riders are pleasantly surprised to learn that the vehicles come with full size captain’s chairs, recliner seats and plush cushioning with ample amounts of leg room. In addition, WiFi can be added to vans for a few extra dollars to give them an extra touch of luxury. Yes, we said WiFi! You can commute in the comfort and style you deserve while catching up on work emails, streaming a binge-worthy show or listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast.

3. Stuck at Work During an Emergency, Not a Problem

It’s fair to say that riders who drive alone to work are guaranteed to have their vehicle at the ready in case of an emergency. But what happens when you vanpool to work and you need to get home for an emergency or you have to work unscheduled overtime? Thanks to Guaranteed Ride Home, a free service provided by Commuter Connections, vanpool riders have a backup option to get up to four free rides home a year.

Thomas, a new Vanpool Connect participant who also commutes from Maryland to Arlington said his wife recently broke her foot and he needed to get home quickly to check on her. Because he was registered with Guaranteed Ride Home, he was able to get a free ride home that would have cost over $100 dollars. He was amazed that he was able to get a ride in a timely fashion.

4. Time & Money Saved

For many commuters that live in the suburbs, the cost of gas, tolls, parking and car repairs can easily add up. The average commute in the DC area is around 50 miles per day, and driving alone can cost nearly $800 per month and $10,000 a year.

Vanpool riders mention that they didn’t realize how much money and time they save because of their vanpool to work.

  • Vincent commutes 40 miles round trip and now saves 45 minutes each way by commuting in a vanpool
  • John who travels from Maryland to GSA in Crystal City saves a half hour on his vanpool commute versus taking the train and also enjoys a fully paid* vanpool ride thanks to the IRS $260 transit benefit subsidy

*All vanpoolers can pay for their ride via the transit benefit (pre-tax, direct or combination); the coast of the van will depend on the number of riders and cost of the van. In most instances, rides are fully subsidized due to the affordability of vanpools.

Join the Vanpool Community

Tyler, who travels from Virginia to Army National Guard because of a shortage of parking spots says, “The vanpool experience has been pleasant! I don’t vanpool every day, but it's a positive change for the environment in reducing emissions; it’s [also] economically efficient and provides better synergy in my work place.”

There’s no better time than present to visit to join the stress-free vanpool commute; enjoy luxury, time and money savings all while you commute to work.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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