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APS Staff Success on Bike/Walk to School Day 2015

Elizabeth A. Denton
Elizabeth A. Denton May 21, 2015 Elizabeth A. Denton is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: 40% of all trips are a bikeable two miles or less. Arlington Public Schools demonstrates that biking and walking to school is a daily reality when 85 participants biked an average of 3.35 miles per person!

Bike/Walk to School DayNational Bike/Walk to School Day is a popular Spring Event, kicking off National Bike Month in May. Arlington Public Schools (APS) always participates, but this year, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) added staff incentive for biking and walking to school!

Because ATP is working to encourage APS staff to use active transportation to school more often, Bike/Walk to School Day was the perfect opportunity to try something different. Although some teachers and staff already bike regularly, the event encouraged others to dust off their bikes and sneakers and give it a whirl. Of course, a Whole Foods gift card to those who registered didn’t hurt either!

Glebe Elementary - Bike/Walk to School DayAt least 85 APS employees registered that they biked and walked to one of 29 schools or worksites on May 6, 2015! In total, APS employees biked and walked almost 300 miles, with an average of 3.35 miles per person. The overwhelming majority traveled five miles or less, but we can’t ignore the feats of some of the longer distance cyclists – Bruce Ferratt of Tuckahoe and Donald Bierschbach of Yorktown both reported biking 12 miles! Statistically speaking, most of the travel that we all do every day is within a few mile radius from our homes; these 85 APS employees demonstrated that it is possible to bike or walk to run errands, be social or get to work.

Yorktown High School had ten registered participants, the most from any location, with Arlington Traditional School (ATS) a close second with eight participants. ATS pulled out all the stops too with about 40 students who biked and a colorful finish line for everyone to cross; even ATS Principal Holly Hawthorne walked to school that day.

Syphax Education Center, Washington-Lee High School, Abingdon Elementary School and Tuckahoe Elementary School were top schools in terms of staff participation. Tuckahoe Elementary impressively had over 100 staff and student bikes parked in front of their school by the time school started!

Nottingham Elementary School had 72 bikes/scooters and 310 walkers! So many students at Nottingham biked or walked to school, that fewer than 50 cars were reported dropping off students, making it safer for everyone while keeping the air around the school cleaner.

By encouraging the entire school community to bike and walk to their site, APS is creating a safer, healthier Arlington.

Congratulations to APS employees from the following schools and sites for registering for Bike/Walk to School Day! You helped make this event a bigger success.
Bike/Walk to School Day

  • Arlington Science Focus Elementary
  • Abingdon Elementary School
  • APS Facilities & Operations
  • Arlington Career Center
  • Arlington Traditional School
  • Ashlawn Elementary School
  • Barcroft Elementary School
  • Barrett Elementary School
  • Claremont Immersion Elementary School
  • Drew Model Elementary School
  • Education Center
  • Glebe Elementary School
  • H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program
  • Hoffman-Boston Elementary Schoool
  • Jamestown Elementary School
  • Jefferson Middle School
  • Kenmore Middle School
  • Long Branch Elementary School
  • McKinley Elementary School
  • Nottingham Elementary School
  • Oakridge Elementary School
  • Patrick Henry Elementary School
  • Syphax Education Center
  • Taylor Elementary School
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Tuckahoe Elementary School
  • Wakefield High School
  • Washington-Lee High School
  • Yorktown High School


I wanted to say that the APS Bike/Walk to Work Day was such a positive event for Barrett students, families, and teachers. I continue to ride to Barrett, sparked by my ride on May 6th. Thank you for coordinating and promoting this community-based event.

-- Judith Concha, Lead Reading Teacher, K. W. Barrett Elementary School


>> For more photos from the day, check out our Facebook album: Bike/Walk to School Day 2015

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