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ATP’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Keara Mehlert
Keara Mehlert January 7, 2014 0 Comments Keara Mehlert is the Property & Development Services Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners. She has been car-free and loving it for the past five years and has been biking 5.5 miles to work every day since October 2012.
ATP TAKEAWAY: ATP staff has decided to tell you their "commuting" resolutions for the New Year, from being more tech-savvy to helping a coworker bike to work for the first time.

Happy New Year!

In previous years, ATP has offered ideas for “commuting” resolutions – things you can do make your commute to work easier, incorporate exercise into your trip, and spend less money getting to the office. This year, the ATP staff has decided to tell you our own resolutions for the New Year, from being more tech-savvy to helping a coworker bike to work for the first time. Check them out below – hopefully we can all say that we kept our resolutions a year from now!

Pinky Advani, Business Development Manager – Employer Services: "My resolution is to ride my bike to work at least once a week…when it gets warmer out!"

Brendan Casey, Business Development Manager – Residential Services: “My resolution will be to ride out of my way so that I can help Pinky and Suzie [who works for our office buddy, goDCgo] transition to bike commuting at least one day a week. If that’s successful, I may even try running to work.”

Wendy Duren, Program Director: “On days that I Metro to work, I will get off a stop early to incorporate more exercise into my routine by either jumping on a Capital Bikeshare bike or walking!”

Elizabeth Floyd, Business Development Manager – Employer Services: “Just continuing to bike to work every day!”

Preston Jacob, Business Development Specialist: “My resolution is to learn how to ride a bike, so I can incorporate biking into my commute to work.”

Brett Jones, Business Development Manager – Developer Services: “My resolution is to use technology to improve my commute – I’ll use Twitter, NextBus and other apps to get information on delays and other obstacles BEFORE I arrive at a Metro station, and be able to switch to another mode of travel, like Capital Bikeshare, instead of standing and waiting for a delayed train or bus.”

Keara Mehlert, Business Development Manager – Employer Services: “I want to get up earlier so I can bike a longer route to work and get more exercise. I also want to help my best friend try biking to work at least once – Bike to Work Day in May, perhaps?”

Finally, if you need more inspiration for your own commuting resolutions, check out this awesome quote by Jerry Seinfeld: “If you can walk to work or take your bike on a daily basis, I think that’s just about the coolest thing there is. Every morning I listen to the traffic on the radio and they talk about how they are jammed and I just laugh…I love traffic reports because I’m not in any of them.”

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