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Behind the Scenes: Easily Set Up Vanpools

Taylor Corydon
Taylor Corydon December 19, 2019 Taylor is a former Business Development Manager for Destination Sales & Marketing Group (DS&MG).

ATP Takeaway: Setting up vanpools has never been easier for employers and employees alike, thanks to support from Vanpool Connect, Vanpool Alliance, and vanpool providers.

Vanpooling is a wonderful commute option, especially for those that commute 15 or more miles and do not have easy access to feasible transit options. It allows commuters access to HOV lanes or free rides on HOT lanes and save wear and tear on personal vehicles. Vanpools make commuting easy.

The hardest part of vanpooling is getting started, but fear not, for those that do not know where to start, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) created Vanpool Connect to get you going.



Talk About Your Commute

You don’t know what you don’t know—that’s the saying, right? Don’t keep your commute dissatisfaction a secret, vocalize your desire to explore commute options by reaching out today.

Vanpool Connect created for commuters to indicate interest in vanpool. ATP uses these inquiries to add commuters to current vanpools or start a new vanpool. The more inquiries received, the better chance for finding vanpool matches, so encourage your coworkers, colleagues, neighbors, and especially the commuters stuck in traffic with you to submit a vanpool inquiry.

Tell HR About it

A great benefit of Vanpool Connect is the ability to work both directly with employees and with employers. Vocalizing your commute concerns to HR is one the biggest catalysts to change. Share our vanpool services with the appropriate contact within your organization. Let them know we can support your organization by hosting information sessions, vanpool formation events, creating flyers to gather riders, and more. 

Learn the Subsidies

Vanpools are eligible for up to $265.00 a month in federal benefits, on top of other regional subsidies. Through Vanpool Alliance, new vanpools can receive a $400.00 monthly subsidy, while Arlington residents and workers can receive $50.00 per rider, for the first 6 months of vanpooling.

Let Us Do the Set-up Work

ATP works hard to provide you with all the necessary information and details you need to make an informed decision on vanpooling. We connect with our trust vanpool providers to provide a quote of monthly costs. The quote will account for maintenance, gas, insurance, tolls, mileage, and selected upgrades, such as WiFi and leather seats. Regional subsidies and transit benefits are credited, to provide a clear picture of what amount, if any, you are responsible for paying.

If you are joining an existing vanpool, you will have the opportunity to take a ‘test ride’ to ensure that the commute works for you. We will assist in coordination and adding you to the vanpool roster, should you decide to join.

Once a commitment is made to start a vanpool, the vanpool provider will order the vehicle for your group. A member of your group will be selected as the coordinator and they will be the point of contact. They will be provided with a gas card and relevant contact and support information, such as the number for 24/7 roadside assistance. The vehicle delivery will include an inspection and overview of the vehicle, as well as a brief training on the simple monthly reporting process.

Start Riding

Vanpool Connect and the trusted vanpool provider will ensure your subsidies are applied for, your transit benefits are being collected, and will set you up for direct deposits, if necessary. All you need to do is find an activity to support your new commute, such as a good book to read, a comfy neck pillow for napping, or work you can perform during the ride.

Pro-tip: If you receive the Vanpool Connect subsidy, make sure that you keep an eye out for emails from us. This is how we communicate important information, including if you have been selected for the monthly Vanpool Connect Giveaway!

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