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How Capital Bikeshare is Exactly Like Pizza

Jonathan Boldes
Jonathan Boldes December 8, 2016 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: Yes. We’re serious. Don’t look away. You love pizza and, if you don’t already, we promise you will love Capital Bikeshare.

Sometimes two seemingly unrelated things have a lot in common—and it can be a fun thing to analyze.

Both Involve Lots of Red, Tantalizing Accessories

Let’s face it—pepperonis and Capital Bikeshare bikes are basically the same. Both use their crimson exterior to taunt you from a distance. You, stuck in a car passing by, as you glance over at someone downing a slice of pepperoni pizza while leaning against a Capital Bikeshare docking station. It’s hard to bare the sight of the cheesy goodness being devoured while you also long for the leisurely opportunity to cruise around on your favorite red bike.



They Both Involve Sharing

Unless you have a rough day (or you really believe in yourself), then a pizza may or may not be just for one. For most occasions, a pizza is large enough to feed a group or at least two good friends. Much in the way a deep dish can be communal, Capital Bikeshare thrives on its ability to cater to many people at once. One of Capital Bikeshare’s greatest assets is its universal availability in participating jurisdictions, touting more than 500 stations in total.

Capital Bikeshare also has a 30-minute limit on rides before users incur fees, encouraging riders to return their bikes for others to use (though, with a little know-how you can avoid these fees and use the system to your advantage).

Admittedly, this may be one way Capital Bikeshare and pizza are not alike. We don’t recommend returning your slice to the box after eating it. Your friends might not like you anymore.

Both Use the Power of the Wheel to Create Greatness

Our ancestor who invented the wheel probably didn’t realize his or her historic act when they first put it to use. They will never know that their ingenuity led to one of our most useful travel vehicles. Nor will they realize that one of the world’s greatest food inventions would take on the characteristically round shape. While we mourn their inability to grasp the impact they made on the world, we also applaud their innovation.

Apps are Aplenty

There is an app for everything. Whether you are ordering from your local pizza shop or one of the national chains, there’s likely an app that will speed up the process and make things easier.

And, as the title of this blog implies, you can bet your bottom that Capital Bikeshare’s app does the same. Capital Bikeshare’s app is free to download and comes with a plethora of (pizza-like) tools such as checking where your nearest bike/dock (pizza) locations are and timing how long it takes for your bike (pizza) to reach its destination

Both are Only as Great as the Sum of Their Parts

A bike is nothing without its spokes, tires, and handlebars much in the same way a pizza isn’t a pizza without dough, cheese, and sauce. I also personally feel it isn’t one without pepperonis, but I understand we live in a country of opinions and that sentiment is debatable.

Just make sure to keep that in mind when you are riding a Capital Bikeshare bike—take care of all the parts so the next person can enjoy the ride too.

Ride in Comfort

If you want to ride more in Arlington and want to ride in comfort, download BikeArlington's Bike Comfort Map. It showcases all the low-stress roads and trails that are optimal for Capital Bikeshare rides. You might even find a new pizza shop along the way.

Download Bike Maps CTA

Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com

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