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Celebrate Earth Day with Transportation

Pinky Advani
Pinky Advani April 22, 2015 Pinky Advani is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day, reduce, reuse and recycle by switching from single occupancy trips and using a sustainable mode of transportation.

Happy Earth Day - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle through your transportation options!

While we often hear a lot about recycling and saving energy, our transportation choices have a significant impact on the environment as well. In fact, the transportation sector is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, making up nearly 28% of total GHG emissions.

How we travel around can have a direct impact on climate change as well as local air quality, putting our communities at risk of health issues such as asthma and cardiovascular disease.

Here in Arlington, one of the primary goals of Arlington County Commuter Services is to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, ultimately improving air quality and mobility for employees, residents and visitors. Thanks to the vision and planning of the County’s leaders, there are numerous transportation options available in Arlington such as Metro, buses, biking and walking that allow people get around without a car.

Earth Day 2015 - Reduce, Reuse, RecycleIn honor of Earth Day, we encourage you to use sustainable modes of transportation and REDUCE single occupancy trips by commuting to work or running errands. Leaving your car at home just two days a week can reduce your GHG emissions by an average of two tons per year.

REUSE your SmarTrip Card and ride the Metro or bus; this transportation option not only takes cars off the road, but also lets you spend your trip doing other things such as reading, checking email, listening to music or napping. Biking and walking, while not always the fastest, are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly options.

This Spring and Summer, get extra exercise by reCYCLING to work, or walking that short distance instead of driving.

These options will not only help improve the air quality and environment in your community, but can also save you money and improve your mental and physical health.

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