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Celebrating Our Champions from 2023

Mark Pacumio
Mark Pacumio February 19, 2024 As a business development manager with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), Mark works with employer clients in Arlington County to provide transportation programs and benefits for their employees.

ATP Takeaway: On February 7, 2024, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) hosted its annual Champions Banquet celebrating the hard work of employers and properties who attained Champion status in 2023. The banquet served as a grand culmination to a great year of Champions and an exciting launch for Champions 2024.

Arlington employers, property managers, and special guests flocked to The Westin in Crystal City for the annual Champions Banquet. This event serves two purposes: the first is to honor and recognize the hard work of all employers, residential properties, and commercial properties who attained Champion status in 2023 – 160 in total! The second is to kick off a new year of Champions and to make a continued commitment towards transportation solutions and commuter benefits.



What is a Champion?

ATP works with hundreds of different clients in the Arlington community, but the title of Champion is reserved for employers and properties that are dedicated to supporting the transportation and commuting needs of their staff members and tenants. Through continual promotion of transportation alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles and development of commuter benefits and amenities, employers and properties can become Champions. See below for a video of some of this past year’s Champions speaking about the program.

Making Arlington A Great Place to Work and Live

Banquet attendees were pleased to receive opening remarks from ATP’s very own program director, Wendy Duren. She shared highlights of the program, including the fact that Champions in 2023 implemented a whopping 278 programs related strictly to transportation, whether they be commuter benefit fairs, bike tune-ups, ridesharing initiatives, etc. Through these programs, in collaboration with the robust selection of transit options Arlington County provides, Champions truly enhance the work/life experience of their employees and tenants.

Featured speakers and guests from the county included Sarah Crawford, Assistant Director for the Division of Transportation, and Takis Karantonis, Arlington County Board Member. They both echoed the importance of Champions in enriching the community and supporting its inhabitants.

Keynote Presentation: Transportation and Health

From the American Public Health Association, ATP was excited to welcome Katherine Catalano, Deputy Director of the Center for Climate, Health, and Equity as the event’s keynote speaker. Katherine spoke to various facets of health that are tied to transportation including:

  • Access to health services: Public transit can be used to access health services.
  • Access to job opportunities: Public transit can be used to access places of work.
  • Air quality impacts: Less cars on the road due to utilizing driving alternatives reduces harmful emissions and particles in the air.
  • Climate change impact: The highest carbon emitting sector in the US is transportation, with the highest contributor being cars (59%).
  • Connectedness and mental health: Those who utilize transit are much more likely to feel more engaged with the community and less likely to feel symptoms of loneliness.
  • Community Safety: Communities that more heavily utilize public transit and active methods of transportation see a decreased rate of pedestrian fatalities.
  • Physical Activity: Communities who bike/walk/utilize transit are significantly more likely to see a reduction in overweightness and obesity.

Don’t Miss out in 2024!

Regardless of if you were unable to attend this year, or if you were not a Champion in 2023, you’re not going to want to miss out in 2024 for the 10th year anniversary of Champions. Whether it be for the speakers, the food, or the 360 photo station – the 10th year is bound to be something truly special. Reach out to your ATP representative today and join our ever-growing list of Champions!




Photo Credit: Michael Busada/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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