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Champion of the Month: LMO Advertising

Maggie Awad
Maggie Awad November 5, 2014 Maggie Awad is the former Marketing Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
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Each month, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), honors Champions who not only commit to transportation programs in Arlington County, but ones who do it with flair and gusto. That’s right, I said gusto!

LMO Advertising LogoNovember’s Champion of the Month is Bronze Level Champion, LMO Advertising. Yes, it’s true – LMO Advertising is a total rock star when it comes to transportation amenities; but, they’re our Champion of the Month because “[they] really understand how transportation options support a happier workforce and a true work-life balance,” says Business Development Manager, Brendan Casey.

Casey, who recently met with LMO Advertising, says that the office is purposefully located between 2 major metro stops (Courthouse and Rosslyn), giving their employees easy access to transit. In addition to offering flex time and official telework policies for their employees, LMO makes the commute easier by offering a subsidy for their transit users.

Now, if that doesn’t sound out of the box, we understand – maybe your employer does that too. But does your employer offer use of an official office bike? Built and designed by Phoenix Bikes of Arlington, exclusively for LMO Advertising, employees can use the office bike as they see fit. Get a glimpse of their sweet ride in this video, which further highlights their awesome office and facilities.

Now, what you didn’t see in that video is what LMO does to make their office bike friendly. Including showers, lockers and a bike cage, the infrastructure provided by LMO gives their employees an even healthier way to commute. Studies have shown that transportation and how we move around is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re walking 3 blocks to the Metro Station or biking 8 miles home from the office. Transportation and wellness initiatives, like those provided by LMO Advertising, show a strong correlation to reduced rates of absenteeism, less employee stress and improved productivity and satisfaction during the workday.

Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) Champions logoCurrently, LMO Advertising is a Bronze Level Champion, but they are well on their way to the top as they continue to work with Brendan on their Bicycle Friendly Business application ( can apply to. Get the details here.). While BFB designation is an amazing opportunity for LMO Advertising, the company is also committed to exploring the Capital Bikeshare Corporate Membership which will give their employees an added benefit of instant access to bikeshare.

LMO Advertising is already receiving top marks as a Champion and we can’t wait to see them excel in Arlington County as a leader in transportation implementation, infrastructure and informational programs. Congrats to our Champion of the Month!

If you're interested in becoming a Champion, contact us at ATP can give your company, residential or commercial property the recognition it deserves.

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