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Champions 2016 Starts Here

Maggie Awad
Maggie Awad February 25, 2016 Maggie Awad is the former Marketing Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Champions 2016 is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in Arlington, for both the County and your business. We're also introducing new achievement awards for specific modes - how many will you earn?

Still teeming with excitement from Champions 2015, where we recognized and rewarded 241 companies in Arlington County, we’re thrilled to announce that the 2016 awards year is officially here.

Champions Ceremony, Awards pick upNo matter how long you’ve been a part of Champions, whether it’s one year or since the pilot program, 2016 is going to look and feel a little different. The team really focused on making 2016 the best year yet by giving our clients to make a difference in Arlington County. We’ll be honest, some of those opportunities will be more challenging, but the reward will be so much greater for you and for the County.

Participating organizations will be encouraged at each level to implement tangible programs that support employees, residents and tenants who try more sustainable transportation options. Two new strategies include setting transportation mode shift goals and addressing parking concerns. ATP is excited to help the County shift single occupancy vehicle rides to more sustainable alternatives through a variety of options.

Another major change to the program is the addition of our Achievement Awards. As soon as a company achieves Gold Level status, the organization is then eligible to work towards several specific mode-based awards. For Employers, there are four achievement awards: Bike, Telework, Transit and Vanpool. For Multi-Family Residential, Champions can earn an award for Vanpool or Property Employee. For Property & Development, clients can excel and achieve an award for Vanpool or Bike.

The addition of achievement awards came from the desire to offer our long-term, returning Champions an opportunity to go above and beyond in 2016, but also to allow a Champion to really focus on a mode that best fits their company culture.

Champions strives to raise the expectations of how much transportation alternatives programs will benefit both the County and its businesses. We’re excited to debut all the improvements to our flagship program and we can’t wait for you to get started.

Our Business Development Managers will be reaching out to re-enroll 2015 Champions, but jump to the front of the line when you email us!

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