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Champions Tip of the Week: ART Adopt-a-Stop

Elizabeth A. Denton
Elizabeth A. Denton April 8, 2014 Elizabeth A. Denton is a Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners, and has been car-free since 1999. Not only does she enjoy how multi-modal the region is, she also loves getting around Arlington on one of her many bicycles.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Arlington Transit allows an individual, company, community group, and civic associations to adopt stops one year at a time. Consider applying to Adopt-a-Stop.

ART62-bus-stop.jpgAdopting an Arlington Transit (ART) bus stop is probably one of the easiest things a company or property can do – the application is easier than adopting from a pet shelter, the bus stop doesn’t need regular feedings, and you never need to worry about leaving your bus stop alone for the weekend. You do need to do some regular maintenance, but by making it a fun group outing, it can turn into a treat!

Adoptable ART Bus stops

Arlington Transit allows an individual, company, community group, and civic associations to adopt stops one year at a time. Requirements include keeping the surrounding area free of trash and graffiti, and making sure it is cleared of snow in the winter months. Arlington Transit will provide safety vests and trash receptacles, if requested, and posts a sign on the bus stop adopted, as well as listing the adopters on their website. Turn maintenance days into a walking meeting, and have departments take turns with the adopted stop. Properties can have maintenance events, or incorporate an ATP event for even more fun! The possibilities for fun with your adopted ART bus stop are limitless.

Adopting an ART bus stop is also an easy way to meet Gold Level criteria if you are participating in Champions! Even if you are already a Gold Level Champion, adopting a stop is free, has good public recognition, and helps support your local community. A comparison of the stops available to the stops adopted (see map to the right) shows that there are plenty of opportunities for your company or property to help out Arlington Transit, your community, and get some easy public recognition. For a bigger map of available ART bus stops, click here. Whether your Champions goal is employee wellness and retention, or moving up a level, adopting an ART bus stop is an easy way to do it!

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