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Commute Reads and Podcasts for 2023

Fadi Seikaly
Fadi Seikaly January 3, 2023 Fadi was the Marketing Director at The Destination Sales & Marketing Group.

ATP Takeaway: As you plan to commute to the office on a more regular basis in 2023, here are some podcasts and books recommendations from the ATP and WalkArlington teams that can make your commute more enjoyable. 

As we start off the new year, ATP is always looking for ways to make your commute easier and more enjoyable. When we’re not biking or running to our offices in Rosslyn, we’re commuting on Metro or bus. Here are our team's recommendations for some fun podcasts and books.



The Bike Karma Bicycles Stories Podcast 

It combines two of my passions—stroytelling and bikes— while focusing on the positive effect bikes have on people. My favorite episode was about the man visiting a Scottish town that celebrates being the birthplace of the penny farthing, but it probably isn't.  Listen to the podcast to find out — Henry

Henry also recommends:

  • The War on Cars Podcast: While the title sounds agressing, the podcasters take a very balanced approach in looking at transportation policuy issues.
  • Inclusive Transportation: A Manifesto for Repairing Divided Communities by Veronica Davis

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer by Charles Marohn

I listened to this book after reading Strong Town by the same author. I enjoyed the exmaples he shared about the challenges with current transportation design and how communities could improve lives of their residents by making some small changes —  Wendy

Wendy also recommends:

  • The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell
  • The Daily Podcast
  • Seven Truths Podcast

Sidedoor: A Podcast from the Smithsonian

This podcast is interesting and varied with stories ranging from holiday traditions (mistletoes, figgy pudding) to giant pandas, to ghost sightings at the Smithsonian Castle — Lorene

Lorene also recommends:

  • Life Kit Podcast by NPR

Science in the Capitol Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

Set in Arlington, DC, and Bethesda, this science/political thriller follows the intersecting stories of a team of climate scientists, a hotshot senator making a bid for the presidency, and ambassadors from a drowning pacific island nation. 

Tackling the subjects of climate change, science policy, international relations, urbanism, and even reincarnation – this gripping trilogy will take you on a political and spiritual ride that challenges balance the balance between the personal and the existential — Nick

Nick also recommends:

  • War on Cars Podcast

Full Body Chills Podcast 

This is an anthology series of spooky stories written by people from all over the world. It's packed with voice actors, music, and sound effects to completely immerse the listener. Sometimes it feels like you're watching a movie. They're short episodes as well, so perfect for that Metro or bus commute — Bianca

Bianca also recommends:

  • Crime Junkie Podcast by Audiochunk 
  • The A24 Podcast
  • The Wine Down by Wine Dialogues

How About Commute Recommendations?

Arlington Transportation Partners also provides commute recommendations customized to your route. Sustainable commute options can help ease stress, save you money, and free up your time to reach your reading goals for 2023 

Customize my commute - click for our commute planner

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