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Did You Know? Adopting a Bus Stop is Easy

Jonathan Boldes
Jonathan Boldes October 23, 2015 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: It’s super easy to adopt and take care of a bus stop in Arlington County. Put your company, residential property, or commercial building’s name on a stop today!

As you have probably seen, Arlington County has quite a few bus stops. Keeping all of those bus stops tidy and easy to access is quite the task. That’s why Arlington Transit (ART) has a program in place that allows local businesses, residential properties and commercial buildings to help out.

ART bus stop signART offers sponsorship opportunities for those willing to adopt local bus stops. No, you don’t have to go out on Saturday mornings instead of sleeping in. We promise. The Adopt-a-Stop program exists to make sure the places where people wait every single day to be shuttled to their destination remain clean and accessible, and it takes as little as checking once a week to qualify.

Arlington Transit (ART) Bus Stops

Bus stop adopters are publicly recognized with their name at the adopted stop and also gain recognition on ART’s web site. You can see the full map of available ART bus stops here.

Adopters must:

  • Adopt the stop(s) for one year
  • Cleaning up the stop (at least once a week)
  • Clear the sidewalk path to the bus stop when it snows
  • Report any issues (vandalism, disturbances, etc.) of the stop to Arlington Transit
  • Be 18 years of age unless part of a group

Our October Champion of the Month, Silver Level Army Navy Country Club (ANCC), recently adopted an ART bus stop that services the ART 87. Many of their employees use the stop every single day and it made perfect sense for them to commit to maintaining the space. We’ve also found that many companies already clean up their bus stops without even adopting, so what are you waiting for?

To apply to adopt an ART bus stop, visit this website.

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