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Did You Know? ATP Makes Site Plan Requirements Easy

Keara Mehlert
Keara Mehlert January 14, 2015 Keara Mehlert is a former Property & Development Services Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: ATP offers a variety of services that help promote transportation options for employers, residential communities and commercial properties. If you have transportation needs, there's a good chance ATP can help. Email us at to learn more.

Whether you come here often or this is your first visit to our blog, it’s always a good idea to share how we, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), can help you. Normally, we’d like to hear your needs first, but on this platform it seems more pertinent to share what we can offer. In a nutshell, ATP offers a variety of services that help promote transportation options for employers, residential communities and commercial properties.

Primarily, we do this through our Champions program; however, there are a multitude of services we can offer any company – Champion or not.

Get Up to Speed

This post is the first in our new blog series, “Did You Know?” where we will be featuring popular ATP services as well as lesser known programs that we provide to businesses, residential communities and commercial properties in Arlington County.

Check back often to learn more about the different ways we can help you promote transportation options among your employees, residents or tenants.

Development Services - Site Plan ComplianceSite Plan Compliance Made Easy

A vice president at a local real estate development company I met at an event once told me, “The real estate development process is really just trying to solve a long list of problems.”

At Arlington Transportation Partners, we try to make those “problems” less of a headache by assisting developers and property owners through the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) process, which is required in most Arlington County Site Plans. As one of the services we provide through our Property and Development Program, Site Plan Assistance gives properties the tools and resources needed to stay compliant with the transportation requirements during development and for the life of the building.

An approved County site plan usually has a wide range of conditions that need to be met by the property’s developer, such as tree planting, the location of underground utilities and of course, the Transportation Management Plan (TMP). The TMP component is created to help mitigate the additional demand on the road network and transportation system from the building’s users. This includes initiatives such as providing information about nearby transportation options to building tenants, giving out pre-loaded SmarTrip cards to new residents or employees or providing free/discounted parking to carpools and vanpools in the building garage. Through ATP’s catered and customized approach, we provide developers, owners and managers everything they need to meet the conditions like those listed above and ensure their development stays on schedule.

We know the development process and ongoing property management has its challenges and completing the transportation element might seem like just another box to check off on the list. However, ATP’s Property and Development Services can make it easier to navigate those conditions and ultimately turn those requirements into desirable amenities you can market to potential building tenants.

Keep an eye out for even more posts and information for how ATP can assist non-site plan properties in the future.

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