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Did You Know: Companies Benefit from Transportation Surveys

Brendan Casey
Brendan Casey February 13, 2015 Brendan Casey is a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: All services, like the commuter transportation survey, are free to businesses, residential properties and commercial buildings here in Arlington County. We're here to help make transportation easy for you!

One of the most informative and powerful services Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) provides its clients is the ability to conduct complimentary commuter transportation surveys.


These surveys have been used by HR managers and executives to inform their decision making about setting subsidy levels for commuter’s transit expenses through SmartBenefits, signing up for Capital Bikeshare corporate membership or simply exploring the possibility of organizing employee carpools. As with all of ATP’s services, we aim to make surveying as simple as possible for our clients.

Transportation Survey graphicATP works with interested companies to craft a straightforward set of questions so that the survey is tailored to that company’s workforce and specific circumstances.

Once the questions are drafted, ATP creates the survey online and provides the HR manager with a link that can be distributed through the company’s employee email listserve. As results come in, ATP can get a better idea of how long to leave the survey open to employees and decide upon an end date. ATP compiles the survey results and writes a report summarizing the findings and trends after a satisfactory number of employees have responded.

ATP’s surveying service has been utilized by companies and organizations of all different sizes and sectors. No company is too large or too small to benefit from the “big picture” transportation perspective that comes out of the ATP survey experience.

Think your company could benefit from reviewing its current transportation benefits and amenities? Contact ATP today and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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