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Fors Marsh Group: Get Active! Challenge Update

Nicole Eisenstat
Nicole Eisenstat May 26, 2015 Nicole Eisenstat is an HR Associate at Fors Marsh Group (FMG), an applied market research firm headquartered in Arlington, VA. FMG is proud of their commitment to the community and the benefits offered to improve employee commuting and healthy lifestyle choices.
ATP TAKEAWAY: If your business is looking to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, contact ATP for ideas on active transportation initiatives and challenges. We can assist through our national events and customized information!

Fors Marsh Group recently ended a successful six week fitness challenge to promote better habits and encourage our employees to take a break throughout the day and get active. Our GetActive! Challenge encouraged employees not only to move more throughout the day but also to get to know their co-workers across departments with some good old fashioned competition.

Fors Marsh Group LogoThe competitive nature of our employees made for a healthy, engaging challenge. We boasted a 75% participation rate, and were even able to include our teleworking employees. Several team members even lost weight and committed to a long-term lifestyle change beyond the end of the challenge by purchasing their own fitness trackers. I’d say that’s a success!

By the end of the challenge, participants walked an approximated total of 14,000 miles. That equals more than halfway around the Earth’s circumference!

The top three teams were able to choose a healthy prize from a list of options including fitness trackers, as well as gift cards to local healthy haunts. Here are the approximate miles walked by the top three teams:

  • 1,399 miles
  • 1,381 miles
  • 1,148 miles

As you can see, it was a close competition! We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Arlington Transportation Partners, who held their National Walk@Lunch Day where all our employees could participate to get more steps.  We will be holding another challenge this Fall, which hopefully will be an even bigger success.

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