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How I Commute: Eduardo

Eduardo Achach
Eduardo Achach November 9, 2015 Eduardo Achach is an Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City located in Arlington. He is a DC resident and enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring new places.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Eduardo, the Assistant Human Resources Director at Platinum level Champion, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, uses all the modes he can to get to and from work.

How I Commute: EduardoI consider myself lucky to live in DC. The traffic can be trying, but I love that I have several transportation options. I do own a car, like many residents in the area, and use it to sometimes commute to work in the mornings. However, I often choose to leave my car at home so I can have a more relaxing commute using an active option. I like to use the Metro in the mornings, which is a 10-15 minute walk from both my home and office.

My commute home, however, is always the most exciting. I get to choose how to travel based on my mood, time of day and the weather. On a day with low humidity and perfect temperatures (70-85 degrees), I like to walk or jog on the Mount Vernon Trail. On days that I’m short on time or the heat and humidity are too extreme, I still use the Mount Vernon Trail but ride Capital Bikeshare instead. For days when the weather is just too bad, I ride Metro as my backup. No matter my mode, I usually carry a set of wireless headphones for both music and calling family and friends to catch up while I walk or bike.

I am grateful to have a variety of commuting options and to live in a city that is always looking for ways to enhance the commute of its residents by making the options enjoyable and sustainable.

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