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How to Get to Arlington Memorials Using Public Transportation: Air Force Memorial

Maggie Awad
Maggie Awad December 4, 2014 Maggie Awad is the former Marketing Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Walk to the Air Force Memorial from the Pentagon Memorial in just 15 minutes! 2 Memorials so close to each other; plus, a great view of the city from the Air Force Memorial.

So, now that you’ve visited the Pentagon Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and Iwo Jima – it’s time to cross off #4 on your list of Arlington Memorials.

So what’s left? If you guessed the United States Air Force Memorial – you guessed right! You probably saw just a hint of it while visiting the Pentagon Memorial. In fact, we’d recommend that if you’re visiting the Pentagon Memorial, you’re best stopping in at the Air Force Memorial too.

The US Air Force Memorial was first dedicated in 2006 and honors the service of the men and women in the United States Air Force. If you’re curious about the Memorial design, James Freed says that the 3 arcs “evoke a modern image of flight by jet and space vehicles.” 

Here’s a picture I snapped on a gorgeous evening walk in July! #nofilter

Air Force Memorial

Now that you’re all caught on the history of the Memorial and you know what you're looking for, how do you get there? You have 2 main options and we’ve outlined them below, right down to the walking directions. You’re welcome!

Air Force Memorial by Walking
Walking is definitely our recommended mode of transportation. From Pentagon City Metro Station, which is accessible on both the Yellow and Blue Lines, the Air Force Memorial is 1.1 miles away (22 minute walk).

I won’t lie to you, there is a long hill on this walk but it’s worth the view of the city when you reach the top of the Memorial. To start your walk, follow the walking directions below. You’ll be able to see the spires as soon as you cross under the bridge on S Joyce St (if not before!).

Walking: Pentagon Memorial to Air Force Memorial
If you do decide to visit the Air Force Memorial from the Pentagon Memorial, it’s a 15 minute walk (.7 mile) and easier than going all the way back to Pentagon City. Just follow the walking directions below.

Air Force Memorial by Bus
Bus is your other option to visit the Memorial by public transportation. Maybe the weather isn’t nice or you’ve already been on a long day of sight-seeing, we definitely get it.

To get to the Air Force Memorial by bus, exit the Pentagon City Metro Station at S Hayes St and 12th St S. There are 2 exits at Pentagon City, so make sure you’re on the side facing The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. You’ll know you’re on the right side if you see CVS to your left.

Catch any Metrobus 16 that runs from this bus stop. That means 16A, 16Y, 16D – any of them! Just let the driver know that you’d like to get off at the Navy Annex stop. You’ll actually pass the Memorial on your right; just cross the street at the light and it’s a quick walk back down the hill to the Memorial entrance.

You can walk back down the hill to Pentagon City or just hop on any returning Metrobus 16 at the same stop.

Bus: Pentagon Memorial to Air Force Memorial
If visiting the Air Force Memorial by way of the Pentagon Memorial, you can take the following bus routes:

  • ART 42, which also stops at Navy Annex
  • Any Metrobus 16 running from the Pentagon, also stopping at Navy Annex

And that officially completes our 4 part series on the top Arlington Memorials! For additional information on visitor services or activities in Arlington County, we highly recommend visiting our friends over at Stay Arlington.

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