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Know Your Travel Options: When Metro is Having a Bad Day

Jonathan Boldes
Jonathan Boldes July 23, 2015 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: There's more than one way to move around Arlington County. If you know your options for your daily commute, you'll be able to handle the unexpected with little to no stress!

It’s happened to all of us, you’re walking down the escalator to catch your train when you suddenly hear the loudspeaker turn on to let you know that there is an issue causing delays along your Metro line. A system as complex as Metro can run into issues, just like any other form of transportation will eventually run into problems. 



The fact is, all forms of transportation will eventually bring about the unexpected, but knowing alternatives can make those unexpected situations easy to traverse.

The great news? Arlington has plenty of alternative modes to travel throughout the area, it’s just a matter of knowing your options. In this new series we will be highlighting some of the lesser known ways to get in and out of Arlington County.

Bus Alternatives

38B (Ballston > Farragut Square)

The 38B is an above-ground favorite for those travelling throughout the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. It also happens to be one of the best ways to reach Georgetown and Farragut Square in DC. If you frequently use the Metro to travel along this corridor, the 38B runs at frequent intervals during rush hour and will get you to your destination between Ballston and Farragut Square in a timely manner. It also works as a great tool to reach the red line at Farragut North without having to transfer at Metro Center.

Real life story time: Our Marketing Manager, Maggie Awad, used the 38B to get to work the other week after extensive delays along her normal route. She walked from McPherson Square to Farragut Square to pick up the bus which was running every 7 minutes.

DC Circulator (Rosslyn > Georgetown > DuPont Circle)

The DC circulator runs predominantly in Washington, DC, but one particular route makes a quick stopover in Rosslyn. The DuPont Circle – Georgetown – Rosslyn route works as a constantly available alternative to making your way to Georgetown or transfer points for the Red Line.

Metroway (Crystal City > Braddock Road Metro Station, Alexandria)

During rush hour the Metroway runs every 6 minutes between Crystal City and Alexandria. The bus even has its own permanent bus-lane along the Route 1 corridor, completely separate from other car traffic. Once you reach the Braddock Road Metro Station, you can use one of the many DASH bus and Metrobus routes to continue to your final destination.

Fairfax Connector 599

The Silver Line has brought an amazing new way to travel from Reston into Arlington County. However, there are still bus routes that travel from the area that could actually speed up your commute time and offer alternatives when required. The Fairfax Connector 599 runs during rush hour periods and shuttles you between Reston and the Pentagon/Crystal City Metro Stations in as little as 55 minutes.

And just in case the bus isn’t for you… 

Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare stations are located throughout Arlington County and can serve as a great tool to commute or as a way reach another Metro Line that is running on-time. Download the CaBi app to find your nearest Capital Bikeshare station.

Plan Your Commute With ATP

The Metro remains a great tool for people to commute to and from Arlington County, but it’s always great to know you have additional options when the need arises. Buses, Capital Bikeshare and even walking are all great backup plans when you travel. Can't figure out the best alternative? Arlington Transportation Partners can create a custom commute, just for you! 


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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