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Looking Back at Champions 2023

Sebastian Mieses
Sebastian Mieses December 11, 2023 Sebastian Mieses is Arlington Transportation Partners' Business Development Manager and works closely with multi-family residential properties to promote and implement transportation strategies and solutions at their buildings.

ATP Takeaway: Champions 2023 closed on November 30, 2023 with 160 Champions who promoted and encouraged sustainable transportation options to their employees, residents, tenants, and visitors. We take a look at some of the highlights of this year below.

Champions is Arlington Transportation Partners' flagship program. It rewards and recognizes Arlington County businesses, properties, hotels, and schools for their efforts to promote sustainable transportation to tenants. Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) works with Champions to complete various initiatives throughout the year, and supports Champions in leveling up to one of the four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

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While 2023 was another challenging year keeping up with the trends since the pandemic, we are proud of our Champions for implementing transportation initiatives at their businesses and at their properties. We take a look at some of their accomplishments below:

Employer Champions Highlights:

You can take a look at our Champion of the Month series to learn more about how you can stand out from the competition and become a leader in sustainability in Arlington County. Here's some of the highlights from our Employer Champions:


Organized a return-to-office fair and invited ATP to engage with 115 employees and provide them with information about their commuting options. 

Navanti Group: 

Relocated to a co-working space in Rosslyn but continued to provide transportation benefits to their employees. This shows how Navanti understands that commuting still plays a big role in their employees' lives even though hybrid and remote schedules are on the rise. 

Air Conditioning and Heating Institute: 

A Champion for several years, they continued to explore non-SOV transportation options for their employees and worked with ATP to provide them with the best resources available. 


Worked with ATP to create a density plot map to establish ridesharing (carpooling, vanpooling) options based on employees' zip codes. 

Multi-Family Residential Champions Highlights:

The Earl Apartments: 

Invested in a new electric cargo bike, providing residents with an eco-friendly transportation option at their community to use for travel around Arlington County. 

Residences at Liberty Center:

Conducted a bike audit at their property and hosted an ATP sponsored bike tune-up event and promoted active transportation to their residents. 

Park Georgetown (Van Metre Management): 

Revamped their bike room and introduced a bike tune-up station with a designated area for repairs. Additionally, the property provides a comprehensive bike tool kit and an additional repair stand. 

Looking Ahead to 2024

The way people work and commute will continue to evolve in 2024 which makes the implementation of commuter benefits and the promotion of sustainable transportation options more important than ever. As we congratulate the 160 Champions (including the 2nd highest number of Platinum Level Champions ever), we encourage you to work with ATP next year and stand out from competition. 

Not only will you see savings in your operational costs, but enrolling in Champions will also increase the health and happiness of your existing employees, residents, and tenants. 

Champions 2024 launches on February 7, 2024. If you're interested in learning more and starting your journey towards a more sustainable future, contact ATP today. 


Photo Credit: Albert Ting/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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