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Lyft Line - ATP's First Ride

Brendan Casey
Brendan Casey November 24, 2015 Brendan Casey is a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: See how Lyft Line compares to Split and UberPool, when Business Development Manager Brendan Casey, takes his first Lyft Line.

Disclaimer: We are not Lyft representatives and have no connection with Lyft. We are a third party advocate that tested their service to give insight to our readers. If you would like to contact Lyft, please visit their website.  

LyftI was pretty excited to learn that Lyft was expanding their carpool service, Lyft Line, to the DC region and opted to give it a try for my commute one day last week. Similar to Split and UberPool, Lyft Line allows a person to get a reduced fare on her ride if she is willing to have other people picked up along the way since they are trying to travel in the same general direction.

It’s basically a way to create short-lived carpools on the fly. In theory, this is fantastic news for both riders and drivers in the area; riders get a reduced fare since they are splitting the ride with strangers and drivers make more money since they are transporting more people. All in all, this could drastically improve the efficiency of our roads by cutting down on the number of empty car seats driving around at any given time.

I hailed a ride and selected “Lyft Line” as the service at 7:29am (I must admit I was tempted by the Justin Bieber mode to get his new album at a discount because "What Do you Mean?" is so darn catchy). Almost immediately, a nearby driver, Mukalia, accepted my Lyft Line request and arrived promptly at 7:32am. Not bad at all.

While waiting for my driver to arrive, I entered my office location in Rosslyn and was given a price estimate of $14.77 for just myself or $15.77 if it was going to be me and a friend catching this initial stop at the same time. It was just me so $14.77 was my estimated fare. My ride originated near Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill so it was a pretty lengthy trip during rush hour so I thought this price seemed reasonable.

Last month, my coworker Jonathan tried out UberPool when it launched in DC and bemoaned to me about the fact that his ride routed him along I-395 most of time and likely precluded him from picking up other riders. With Jonathan’s observation in mind, I was pleasantly surprised that Lyft Line opted to route Mukaila along Pennsylvania and Independence Ave SE before jumping onto 395 at the 9th St tunnel. Any other hailed ride would have taken me directly to 395 for this trip instead of going along the Southern edge of the mall and near L’Enfant Plaza. 

Lyft Line ReceiptMukalia seemed jazzed about the launch of Lyft Line and said that I was his first carpool fare. Once we got onto 395 and the GW Parkway it was not difficult to remind myself why I bike to work – the traffic was awful. If Capital Bikeshare had already been installed along the Mount Vernon trail, I most certainly would have said “peace” to Mukaila and CaBi’ed the rest of the way to the office.

Unfortunately, we never passed near another person hailing a Lyft Line ride so this wasn’t all that different from a typical Lyft experience – it took about 25 minutes all told (same as my biking time) and cost $15.44 once tip was included. All told, it’s great to have another carpooling option in town and I really hope there are more people looking to share the ride the next time I use it.

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