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Making Commuting Easier for Employees

Keara Mehlert
Keara Mehlert July 17, 2012 Keara Mehlert is a former Property & Development Services Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Improving your employees' commutes can have significant benefits for both employees and the company overall. Below are a few of these services and things your company can do to improve employees’ commutes.

For many employees, the workday doesn’t start when they arrive at the office, but rather when they leave home and begin their commute. How people get to work can have a significant impact on the overall day, especially if employees have to deal with traffic congestion or Metro delays in the morning. However, there are ways that companies make their workers’ commutes easier, which can boost productivity and morale, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Here at Arlington Transportation Partners, we offer a number of different services that employers in Arlington County can take advantage of to help make getting to work a less stressful and easier experience for employees. Below are a few of these services and things your company can do to improve employees’ commutes.

Understanding what your employees’ commuting patterns and needs are is an important first step to knowing about thBrochurese types of transportation info, benefits, and resources that will best serve your company. ATP can develop a transportation survey to distribute to staff members, which will give the management an idea about things like how employees get to work, how long their commutes are, if they are happy with their current commute, and programs or benefits they would like to see offered.

Providing comprehensive and up to date information on all the transportation options in the area will help employees get a better idea of the different ways to get to work, rather than always driving to the office. Employers can sign up for the Arlington County Commuter Services’ online brochure service, which allows companies to order a variety of brochures on transportation and commuting information in Arlington and the DC area, free of charge. You can distribute these brochures to employees, or leave them in a break room or lobby area, along with maps, posters, and other information.

ATP also offers customized materials for employers, which provide transportation information and resources specific to a company’s location. Quick Glance guides and Resource Guides are easy ways for the human resources staff or office managers to keep commuting and transportation information readily available for employees and answer any questions that arise. In addition, individual commute planners for your employees can make them aware of all the transportation options available, based on their specific home location and arrival time.

If your company hosts a Benefit, Health, or Transportation Fair for employees once or twice a year, ATP can come and provide additional materials and information for commuters as well as promote any transportation benefits and programs that your company specifically offers. These events are a great way to encourage a healthier lifestyle for your employees and can improve employee retention rates and make your company more competitive.

This coming Fall is a great time to evaluate your staff’s commuting needs and ensure that you are providing the most accurate and complete transportation information for new and current employees. Contact ATP today to learn more about the above programs and other complimentary services we offer to employers in Arlington County!


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