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Our Favorite Podcasts and Books for 2023

Fadi Seikaly
Fadi Seikaly December 19, 2023 Fadi was the Marketing Director at The Destination Sales & Marketing Group.

ATP Takeaway: One of our favorite series is back! Discover what the #ATPFam is reading on their commute to the office. We have some recommendations for podcasts as well! 

At Arlington Transportation Partners, we love a good story to go along with our commutes. If we're not reading books, we're listening to a podcast to stay informed and entertained. 

As you plan for your commute in 2024, here are some book and podcast recommendations from our staff that you can enjoy while traveling to and from your workplace. 




Modern Love - Jacob

I appreciate any podcast that can make a meaningful point in only 15-30 minutes, which also happens to be the length of my commute. Before going into work to use my brain all day, it is nice to listen to stories that develop a sense of emotional intelligence. By amplifying the various ways that we create meaningful connections (whether it’s romantic, platonic, familial, or even self-love) I feel uplifted and love starting my day on that note.

Jacob also recommends:

Normal Gossip | Geography Is Everything | BBC Global News Podcast

My Favorite Murder - Ellie

This is a recurring recommendation in our series over the years. A true crime & comedy podcast. Although they don’t sound like they should go together the hosts do a great job of remaining respectful while being hilarious. They have long episodes where each host presents a story, “minisodes” where they read hometown stories written in by fans, and recordings of their live tours that make you feel like you’re in the audience. There’s something for everyone!

Ellie also recommends:

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown | Daring Greatly (Book by Brene Brown) | Lead from the Outside (Book by Stacey Abrams) 

Search Engine - Fadi 

Another podcast makes it onto the list. As a fan or Reply All, I was very excited about host PJ Vogt's new podcast. There are no questions too big or too small for Search Engine. Did you ever have a hard time falling asleep and just googled random questions? Well this is the show for you. My favorite episode so far is: "How do I find new music now that I'm old and irrelevant?". It helped me look for new music a different way. 

Fadi also recommends:

The Big Fix (Book by Brett Forest) | Dead Men's Trousers (Irvine Welsh) | Today Explained (Podcast by Vox). 

The Silent Patient - Bianca

If you're into psychological thrillers, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. I listened to the audiobook and was incredibly enthralled by the story and couldn't get enough of it. It's a really easy book to read/listen to and I finished it in two days. It really had me audibly gasping and stopping in my tracks. 

Bianca also recommends:

None of This Is True (by Lisa Jewell)

The Moth Podcast - Wendy

This weekly published podcast by PRX is a collection of true, first-person told stories by amateur and professional storytellers alike. The stories are recorded live and you hear the audience react as if you are in person with them. Some of the narratives cause me to laugh out loud, while others can cause some tears (be prepared with tissues on public transportation!) but it is always guaranteed to entertain.

We Can Also Recommend a New Commute

Arlington Transportation Partners also provides commute recommendations customized to your route. Sustainable commute options can help ease stress, save you money, and free up your time to reach your reading goals for 2024. Work with ATP today and start the new year on the right foot. 

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