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Prepare Your Commute With ATP

Keara Mehlert
Keara Mehlert September 19, 2012 Keara Mehlert is a former Property & Development Services Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: ATP is hosting a “Prepare Your Commute” seminar to help business and residential properties in Arlington County take important measures to ensure that employees or residents are aware of all the transportation options available to them in case of an emergency.

When you think about Emergency Preparedness Month, you might be reminded of things like your building’s evacuation procedures, how to communicate during a terrorism threat, or as of recently, what to do in the event of an earthquake. However, have you thought about how you will get home during an emergency when hundreds of thousands of other employees are trying to do the same thing? Or how your company will continue business as usual and remain productive when employees are stranded at home or your office building is closed? Recent events such as the blizzard of 2010, last year’s earthquake, and the derecho over the summer have shown how important it is for employers, workers, and residents throughout the DC region to have a backup plan when it comes to commuting. This can include things like knowing alternative routes on public transit or setting up a telework program so employees can work from home. 

As a business or residential property in Arlington County, you can take important measures to have a standard procedure in place in case of an emergency and ensure that your employees or residents are aware of all the transportation options available to them. As part of Emergency Preparedness Month, ATP is hosting a “Prepare Your Commute” seminar for employers and residential properties on Monday, September 24th at 6pm and Wednesday, October 3rd at noon. We invite you to join us and learn more about how to include transportation in your overall emergency plan, as well as other strategies such as creating a telework policy and signing up for brochure services. 

Tree Fallen on Car

How would you get to work if this was your car?

Contact us today to reserve your spot in one of the two seminars by calling (703) 247-9299 or email us at You can also check out the Emergency Commute Planner Checklist to get an idea of the different things you can do to be ready in the event of an emergency. Remember, you can never be too prepared! Hope to see you at one of the events!


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