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Ready, Set, Enroll in Champions 2024

Wendy Duren
Wendy Duren February 12, 2024 Wendy Duren is the Program Director for Arlington Transportation Partners. She provides direction and guidance for ATP's Employer, Multifamily, Commercial, Hotel and TDM for Site Plans teams. She is excited about how mobility programs and services positively impact communities.

ATP Takeway: Champions 2024 has officially launched. Enroll today and join other Arlington County located business that support sustainable transportation options for their employees, residents, and tenants. 

Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) has launched the Champions 2024 and is excited to assist your company, property, school, and hotel in providing transportation solutions that benefit your business. Whether you are an Employer, Multifamily Residential community, Commercial property or Hotel, ATP invites you to make a positive community impact.

If you have been part of a previous Champions year, you will need to re-enroll. Each year, we add options for reaching new heights.




New to Champions?

Your timing couldn't be better. Don't miss out on being part of Champions' 10-year anniversary recognizing and rewarding clients for implementing programs and creating amenities that make it easier for people to leave their cars at home.

There are four different levels you can achieve dependent solely on your organization’s goals and objectives. Just starting out? As an Arlington County based organization, chances are you are already doing things that you could earn  “credit” for.

Success since 2014

The number of Champions has grown significantly since our pilot of 31 clients in 2013. Over the decade, nearly 530 unique businesses and properties have added more than 3,750 transportation benefits, amenities, programs, and initiatives that support employee and resident travel and commutes.

Still wondering what being a Champion looks like? Watch our Champions 2023 video that captures the spirit of the program and what our partners have accomplished.


Reach out to Set Up an Enrollment Meeting Today

You can enroll in Champions 2024 now and start your journey towards sustainability. We are excited to include you in this year’s group of outstanding clients. Reach out to your ATP representative today! 


Photo Credit: Mike Busada/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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