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Revamp Your Commuter Benefits

Pinky Advani
Pinky Advani June 30, 2021 Pinky Advani is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.

ATP Takeaway: Reevaluate your commuter benefits to meet the changing needs of the employees and stay competitive in the marketplace. Find out how ATP can assist your organization.

As organizations plan for a safe return to the office it is important to prioritize employee commute needs which may have changed in the last year. In 2020, organizations already offering telework in a formal or informal policy had an advantage over others who did not have a telework agreement. Everyone adapted and embraced teleworking quickly.

As we return to the workplace, employees are looking for a supportive environment that prioritizes health and wellness and offers a good mix of commuter benefits. Offering a robust commuter benefits program can help your organization reduce employee turnover and real estate costs and improve productivity.



How ATP Can Help

Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) can help you understand your employees’ commute needs and provide customized solutions to stay competitive in today’s dynamic work environment.

Commuter benefits

ATP tools and resources: sample polices and enrollment forms, commuter benefits guide, step-by-step program implementation support and on-site or virtual workshops to encourage employee participation

Telework and flexible workplace policies

ATP tools and resources: telework management guide, flexible workplace guide, telework training for managers and employees and assistance with state and local incentive programs.

Capital Bikeshare corporate membership

ATP tools and resources: Capital Bikeshare corporate program assistance and on-site or virtual events to promote biking as a convenient and safe commute option.

Commute survey

ATP tools and resources: Customized survey to understand employee commute concerns and awareness of the benefits offering and share results and recommendations.

Return to work assistance

ATP tools and resources: Return to work checklist, custom events (in person or virtual) to share information about commute options and safety protocols implemented by transit providers.

Plan ahead with ATP

It is time to prepare for normalcy returning to the workplace. Your employees’ commuting needs and preferences have shifted. ATP can assist your organization in staying ahead in today’s dynamic market and offer a robust commuter benefits program to adapt to the unique needs of your employees.


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