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Review Your Commute Options: Coronavirus Edition

Pinky Advani
Pinky Advani July 10, 2020 Pinky Advani is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.

ATP Takeaway: Commute options are like a menu card, there’s something for everyone. Revaluate your commute options and try a new commute mode.

As businesses in Arlington continue to reopen and prepare to head back to the office, you probably have everything checked off your return to work checklist. Mask check, sanitizer check, comfy shoes check. That’s great! But what about your commute? Do you know your commute options? As you plan your return to office consider all the options you may have.




Biking is a good commute option for those living within a few miles from work and a great way to maintain social distancing. With nearly 100 miles of bike trails and lanes in Arlington, it makes biking an easy and convenient commuting choice. Our friends at BikeArlington can provide you with a customized bike commute plan and have a bicycle comfort map to help you decide a route that works best for your riding level.

Most buildings in Arlington provide a secure bike parking and shower facility, however due to the current health pandemic the shower facility maybe closed. You may need to adjust your personal hygiene routine after an active commute.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, shower wipes, deodorant, and change of clothes.


A short walk is good for mental and physical health and does not require any special gear. Whether your goal is to get the morning cardio or enjoy some fresh air, walking to work can help you achieve your goal. To make your walk more enjoyable download WalkArlington’s neighborhood bingo card. Remember to follow the social distancing guidelines and maintain a six feet distance when walking.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, shower wipes, deodorant, and comfortable shoes.


It’s mandatory to wear a mask when riding public transit. For the health and safety of commuters, transit agencies are sanitizing the buses and train regularly. With new bus boarding rules and limits to the number of passengers riding public transit, make sure to add a few extra minutes to your commute. You can read our public transportation etiquette guidelines during COVID for more information.

Enroll in the transit benefit program provided by your employer and save money on your commute. Download a transit app for real time transit information and track your bus/rail to reduce the wait time at the station.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, SmarTrip card, and comfortable shoes.

Mix It Up

It’s ok to mix up your commute by trying multiple modes to get to your destination. Choose one mode to get to work and another mode when headed home. This will help you decide which commute mode works best for you.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, helmet, SmarTrip card, and comfortable shoes.

First Mile/Last Mile Connection

Imagine it’s one of those days when you just don’t feel like walking that one mile to transit and you wore the wrong shoes. For times like this, there’s always Capital Bikeshare. It’s always good to carry couple of extra sanitizing wipes in your bag to wipe down the seat and handlebars before you ride Capital Bikeshare.

You could also take Lyft or Uber for ridehailing services to connect the first mile/last mile of your connection. Lyft has implemented several health and safety guidelines for its drivers and passengers that include temporarily suspension of shared rides and mandatory for drivers and passengers to wear a mask.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, helmet, Capital Bikeshare key, and comfortable shoes.


Carpooling works best with coworkers. Talk to your coworkers and find out who lives close to you or start a virtual ride matching board. Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) can also create a density plot map and help you find a carpool match within your organization.

Most buildings in Arlington provide preferential parking for carpools which means you will have a reserved spot close to the elevator entrance. Save money and get to know your coworkers. You might find a new gym or book club buddy.

Items to Take with You: Face mask or covering, hand sanitizer, and cardigan (in case you don’t agree on the car temperature).

Ready to Try a New Mode?

Be sure to follow the CDC and WHO guidelines and reference the transportation service provider as well to make the journey safe and enjoyable for all. The streets are for all modes, wear a mask, and cheerfully share the road. Now that you have read the commute menu, what mode will you choose? We can help you create a custom commute plan based on your work schedule.

Request your custom commute plan

Photo Credit: Reema Desai/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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