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Share the Savings with Vanpool Connect’s Referral Program

Tai Mooney
Tai Mooney March 10, 2020 Tai is a Program Coordinator for Vanpool Connect and Commute66 at Arlington Transportation Partners. His multi-modal commute involves a walk or bus ride to the Metro.

ATP Takeaway: Using Vanpool Connect’s new referral program, you can get back up to $400.00 from your commute! Join a vanpool and refer a friend to take advantage of this program to the fullest. 

Are you a rider with Vanpool Connect and have friends who could use a more leisurely commute? Well, Vanpool Connect is introducing a referral program just for you.



What’s Vanpooling?

Vanpooling offers commuters with longer trips a flexible and cost-effective option to get to work. Riders experience less wear and tear on their personal vehicles from commuting daily and can even use their transit benefit from their employer to cover the costs.

It’s a little-known fact that riders only need to vanpool 50% of the time commuting, so even if they need to take their car sometimes, there’s still some flexibility within the van. If you’re not already vanpooling, learn more here

Make Some Cash Off Your Commute

With how much you can save by leaving your personal vehicle at home and hopping in a van, this can often be enough to keep you hooked on vanpooling.

In addition to the subsidy, we are now offering an additional $200.00 for up to two successful referrals you send our way. Basically, let friends, neighbors, and your coworkers know about Vanpool Connect and you can get cash for promoting vanpool.

How to Submit a Referral

The friend you’re referring must be new to ATP and hasn’t been in contact to discuss vanpooling for at least a year.

Referrals can be submitted by:

  • A request on (just pick “Friend/Referral” in the dropdown and we’ll follow up with you)
  • Through an ATP representative at an event
  • Or by contacting us on this page and include your friend’s name, email, and phone number in your message.

Whoever you refer must remain in the van/program for three months before the $200.00 is paid out to you. Considering how much time and money they can save vanpooling, that shouldn’t be too difficult. You can receive the $200.00 cash up to two times, but don’t let that stop you from getting the word out about vanpooling as much as you can.

This promotion won’t be around for long, so be sure to send in referrals and spread the word on vanpool commutes!

Help a Friend Out, Get Cash Back

If you’re in a vanpool, you probably already love saving money on your commute. You can now get even more out of it by referring a friend and turn what used to be a stressful chore into a check (or two). If you’re not in a vanpool yet, reach out to us and we can help you get started.


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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