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Switching Jobs? Switch Your Commute

Brendan Casey
Brendan Casey November 12, 2015 Brendan Casey is a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: People are more open to trying new commute options when starting a new job. See what's around you or if you need help planning your commute, ATP can provide complimentary custom services.

We all know how difficult it can be to change our habits and that’s just one of the challenges in helping people to consider their commuting options. Humans are creatures of habit and even the slightest difference in our usual routines can alter a person’s mood for the entire day.




Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Coffee maker didn’t auto-brew? Catastrophe.
Forgot to move your vehicle and got ticketed? Travesty.
Slow-rolling in your car along congested roads to get to the office? Rage Face.

Sure, people can embrace the “don’t sweat the small stuff” mantra, but having a couple of alternative plans for when your morning doesn’t go perfectly can be invaluable to maintain a healthy outlook for your day.

Job Change = Commute Opportunity

People are more open to trying new commute options when they are starting a new job. Changing jobs means meeting new colleagues and learning new job responsibilities and so changing commute habits isn’t as daunting since everything else is already in flux. Hopefully, switching jobs can provide some form of transit benefit or Capital Bikeshare corporate membership, so that it is even easier on the wallet to make the switch.

Even if you don’t live particularly close to transit, chances are pretty good that you have some form of transit near where you work—this has been shown to be crucial in motivating people to commute without a car. Of course, it is even easier to commute via transit if you live and work near transportation options but this isn’t necessarily possible for everyone.

Custom Commute Services

So are you in the job market currently or looking to make a career change in the near future? Be sure to explore the new transportation choices you will have at your fingertips when you change locations. If you need help with your commute, connect with Arlington Transportation Partners. We offer complimentary custom commute services for our clients.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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