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Top Blogs of 2015 (...So Far)

Maggie Awad
Maggie Awad July 8, 2015 Maggie Awad is the former Marketing Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: A look back at Split, Bridj and MTB Early Enrichment Center. See why they've topped our reader's list so far this year.

Everyone loves a good year-end countdown, as it gives you a chance to look back on all your success. But why wait? We've had a ton of great blogs already in 2015, so let's celebrate. And on the off chance you missed them the first time around, here you go.

Split: A New Rideshare Service in DC

Split LogoOur most popular blog of 2015, this content broke all previous performance measures and for good reason! Jonathan Bollhoefer, Business Development Manager, tested out a new rideshare service on the day it launched in Washington, DC giving us (and you) his first hand experience. When you're in the transportation industry, it's almost like Christmas when you get to try a new transit service.

"Split launched just a couple days ago in Washington DC and is similar to Uber and Lyft in that you order a car to your location to taxi you to a destination of your choice. However, Split will pick up additional passengers heading on similar routes to ride along with you. The “carpooling” system helps to mitigate the costs to passengers and also reduce the number of cars needed on the road."

>> Read the full blog

Bridj Launches in DC

Written just shy of a month before our Split blog, Business Development Manager, Brendan Casey tested Bridj - another new service Bridj logowith flexible shuttle routes. In fact, the success of this blog sparked the idea to try Split upon launch. While Brendan's commute wasn't drastically improved (he normally bikes to work), it did provide him with an alternative for his daily commute. Having a few options for your commute prevents unnecessary stress in the event of an unexpected delay.

"So I switched up my usual commute this morning and ditched my bike for the chance to try out Bridj, a Boston-based startup that creates pop-up bus transit, since it just launched in DC. The company offers flexible shuttle routes that adapt based on the locations of who has booked a ride during a given period of time."

>> Read the full blog

Champion of the Month: Maria Teresa's Babies Early Enrichment Center

Our third most popular blog in 2015, features one of our 170 Champions (to date). We're so proud of how far the program has grown in MTB Early Enrichment Centerthe last year and we're extra pleased that our monthly Champion of the Month series is a hit! This particular highlight features a small business in Crystal City that not only supports an urban village through their service, but supports Arlington's mission to reduce single occupancy trips. All employees of MTB's Early Enrichment Center either commute to work via public transportation or carpools. MTB also serves as an amazing example that you don't have to be a large corporation to make a difference in the County.

"Our Champion of the Month series starts out strong this year with a Gold Level, family-owned business in Crystal City. January’s Champion of the Month, Maria Teresa’s Babies Early Enrichment Center, serves as an example that not all businesses need large numbers of employees to offer a transportation benefit. In fact, companies with less than 25 employees make up nearly 1/3 of our employer Champions. From pre-tax transit benefits to telework programs, there are many ways for companies to assist in their employees’ commute."

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