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Top Bus Routes to Arlington's Urban Villages

Pinky Advani
Pinky Advani August 25, 2015 Pinky Advani is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Want to get out and explore Arlington without a car, but aren't sure how to get to some of the urban villages? Check out our handy bus guide below, highlighting our top routes.

Arlington neighborhoods are often referred to as urban villages and the 11 villages are made up of a good mix of offices, residential communities, restaurants, retail and recreation. Home to several of our Champions, these villages offer something for everybody, whether you’re there to work or to play.

ART Bus in ArlingtonYou can access Arlington’s urban villages via Metrorail, bike (personal or Capital Bikeshare), bus or walking (depending on the distance). However, hopping on the bus is a convenient and stress free way to get around town. You can use your SmarTrip card on the ART bus or Metrobus and you can also take your bike on the bus, to help cover first/last miles of your journey! Have you tried riding the bus to any of the urban villages?  Not sure which bus goes there? Schedules? Look no further, listed below are my top picks for bus routes to access all 11 urban villages.



Columbia Pike


Crystal City

Lee Highway

Pentagon City



Virginia Square


Ready to give the bus a try? Any questions? Hop on the bus and ride!

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