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Transit Systems Help Spread Holiday Cheer

Brett Jones
Brett Jones December 19, 2012 Brett Jones is a former Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP TAKEAWAY: Let's take a look at some of the fun things transit systems in DC and beyond are doing to help spread holiday cheer.

Have you noticed anything unusual in your daily commute these past few weeks? Festive holiday music piping through your local Metro station? A reindeer on a bus? Bright, twinkling lights covering just about everything? If you regularly commute via public transportation, odds are you have. In Arlington and the Washington, DC region, there are a number of way our public transportation systems are celebrating the holiday season.

Perhaps you've come across this Metro caroler, who was featured in a recent Washington Post article?

Or maybe your day has been brightened by decorated kiosks inside Metrorail stations?

Lights at Farragut West station kiosk

Image courtesy of

Holiday cheer isn't limited to public transportation in the DC region, however. In Chicago, vigilant commuters are always hoping to catch a ride on the CTA Holiday Train, which has been delighting Chicago commuters since 1992. The CTA Holiday Train even pulls behind it a flat car that sometimes includes a decorated Christmas Tree or Santa Claus.

CTA Holiday Train Interior of CTA holiday train

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the 'Reindeer Bus' helps encourage sustainable, and jolly, commuting habits. 

Vancouver's Reindeer Bus

Or, if the bus and Metro aren't for you, you could always take matters into your own hands, and spread holiday cheer by bike.

Bike 'lights'

However you are getting around this holiday season, know that people are working hard to make your daily commute safe, reliable and stress-free. If you happen to see the Metro caroler, or other fun holiday surprises during your daily commute - let us know via Twitter at @CommuteArlVA!

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