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Use SmarTrip SelectPass For Unlimited Trips

Jonathan Boldes
Jonathan Boldes October 4, 2016 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: Metro’s SelectPass could be saving you money on your monthly commute depending on how often you ride and where you travel from.

Earlier this year, Metro began offering SelectPass to Metro riders. SelectPass is a monthly pass for those who use the system on a regular basis and want to save some money. They estimate how much your typical commute trip would cost and multiply it to equal roughly the amount of times you’ll use the system to commute each month.



How Does It Work?

Once the pass is loaded you can take unlimited trips on the Metro system as long as the price of the trip costs less than the maximum fare of your particular pass.

For example, the cheapest SelectPass costs $81.00 and covers trips that cost up to $2.25. The pass can be used to enter the Metro system on any given day, unlimited times, as long as all of your trips remain under that $2.25 cost. Any trips that go above that price will be taken from your card’s available balance.

There are currently 9 different levels for the pass, all vary depending on how much money it costs for you to commute one-way.

How Much Does It Cost? Does It Really Save Money?

You can view the full fare table and available pass tiers.

Yes—it does save you money as long as you use Metro regularly. The pass cost is derived from taking the usual trip cost and multiplying it by 36, roughly the number of trips a commuter will take to and from work throughout a given month (18 days, to and from work = 36).

Even with the cheapest pass ($81, trips up to $2.25), you will see savings if you use the system often. That’s because trips on Metro during off-peak hours run far cheaper than during busy commute times—$2.25 goes a long way.

But Wait, I Use the Bus as Well. Do I Still Qualify?

Yep, two of the passes provided allow unlimited trips on Metrobus on top of your Metrorail rides, but your options are a bit more limited at the moment. Currently, only the $2.25 per trip and $3.75 per trip passes allow you to add an unlimited bus pass. They cost $126.00 and $180.00, respectively.

Great, Where Can I Buy It?

The SelectPass is either purchased through your account on WMATA’s website or provided by your employer through a transit benefit. Once the pass is loaded onto your card, you simply tap into the Metro system the same was as you normally do.

Can the Pass Be Added to My SmarTrip Card?

The pass can also be loaded to your SmarTrip card through your company’s pre-tax transit program, just ask your HR representative. Don’t have a pre-tax benefit that helps you save money or your rep isn’t sure how to add the pass to your card? Contact us at and share this blog with them.

Is SelectPass Here to Stay?

WMATA hasn’t confirmed if the program will last forever but the more people use it, the more likely they are to keep it. If you can save money using the program, make sure you sign up soon.

Interested in learning more about transit benefits and commuter benefits? Download our full guide below, share with your HR department, and contact us so we can help you get started.

Download the Full Guide on Commuter Benefits


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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