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Watch Our Discussion with WMATA & HealthEquity

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson October 3, 2022 Katie was a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners
ATP Takeaway: We invited representatives from WMATA and HealthEquity (formerly known as WageWorks) to speak about their administrative platforms. These recordings also include information about the Yellow/Blue line construction project.

Employers are looking to update their commuter benefits programs to accommodate the changing needs they're experiencing in adapting to hybrid work or returning to a full-time office schedule. We held two webinars to detail employers’ options, what steps to implement, and how Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) can assist your organization.

We split the webinars to focus on two audiences. The first is for companies not currently offering commuter benefits. The second audience is companies looking to restart or revamp their benefits.2022_8_11 ATP Office Shoot-136-3



Commuter Benefits 101

During this session, we introduced commuter benefit programs, detailing the different types available, eligible expenses, and the advantages to offering them. Reps from WMATA’s SmartBenefits and HealthEquity (formerly known as WageWorks) also joined to detail their administration platforms. If you’re not sure which benefit or platform is the best choice for you, reach out to us and an ATP rep can help you determine this.


Why watch?

Stay competitive and attractive by learning how commuter benefits will help your organization.
  • Gain a thorough introduction to commuter benefits
  • Learn about the advantages of offering these benefits
  • Know your options for administration platforms
  • Discover complimentary resources available to employers to navigate the disruption

How to Restart Commuter Benefits

Looking to restart your commuter benefits package? Our second learning session focuses on how to support your staff as they return to the office. You can watch the recording here.


Why watch?

The workplace environment and dynamic have changed drastically since March 2020. This recording will cover topics and issues employers face on a daily basis:

Stay Ahead of the Competition

While the region has continued to navigate the new workplace expectations, ATP have continued to support employers, commercial properties, hotels, and residential properties and enable them to stay ahead of updates and stay competitive.

Connect with an Arlington Transportation Partners representative to receive support and consultation with your commuter benefits package.


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