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Sneak Peak into Commute66’s Newest Benefit

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson January 26, 2021 Katie was a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners

ATP Takeaway: Commute66 will release a new financial assistance program for businesses and properties inside the beltway in the coming months, and we wanted to give you a quick preview.

The team at Commute66 has been working hard to create a new financial assistance program for businesses and properties along I-66 who have not yet explored transit benefits or have paused them during the pandemic. As Commute66 continues to provide complimentary services to businesses and properties in Northern Virginia, be on the lookout for our newest program, Sustain & Save.




Now Is the Perfect Time

It has been almost a year since we were all regularly commuting to work and we have all had considerable changes to our daily lives and our monthly spending.

As your your organization plans for returning to the office, considering your employees’ input regarding their new normal is necessary for a smooth transition. The return to office will most likely require a new commute and returning expense, and now is the perfect time to consider what transit benefits will improve your employees’ return to the workplace.

Upgrade Your Competitive Edge

Offering a transit benefit will provide your business with a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining top talent. Adding comprehensive transit benefits will increase equity among your employees, promote sustainability, and show the care you have for employees beyond business hours.

These benefits will demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability, the environment, and equity. Your business will become more attractive to a wider range of customers and increase your competitive edge to find and retain top talent.

While implementing a new transit benefit or program can sound like a considerable and time-consuming task, Commute66 is here for complimentary consulting services, training, and assistance for businesses and properties within the beltway and along I-66.

More to Come

There is more to come from Commute66 and Sustain & Save, so keep an eye out for the official launch of our new program. Visit to see updates on I-66 construction, return to work strategies, and regional commuting options.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

Sustain & Save will be discontinued on October 31, 2022. If you have any questions please email us at

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