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Takeaways from Commute66’s Webinar: Trends for 2021

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson December 22, 2020 Katie is a Business Development Manager for Commute66 and Vanpool Connect programs at Arlington Transportation Partners. While living in a rural area meant that she completely relied on a vehicle, Katie has loved the financial freedom and independence she has gained by committing to a car-free lifestyle after moving to DC in 2017.

ATP Takeaway: Here’s a quick recap of our latest webinar where we provided regional updates, trends predicted for 2021, and strategies your company can implement to thrive in the new year.

The return to the office, employee’s health and wellness, and equity in the workplace are the three key trends predicted to arise for HR leaders and companies as we move into 2021. Transit options and their associated benefits offered by companies can have a positive impact on these trends and can be a part of the solution to help your company and your people bounce back and commute efficiently.  In case you missed it, here are some of the topics we discussed during our latest Commute66 webinar. You can also listen to the entire session below. 




Strategies for Returning to the Office

We discussed three ways your organization can plan for your employee’s return to the office:

Resiliency and responsiveness

Preparing your return to office requires your plans to be flexible. Finding the best transition plan requires identifying and resolving the points of friction your employees will experience. This requires a process focused on agility, flexibility, clear communication, and a desire to improve your company’s responsiveness.

Parking management

Many people are reporting that they are likely to drive alone as they return to the office which could lead to fewer parking spaces and higher tolls. There are benefits, programs, and education opportunities your company can offer to lessen the impact of your office’s parking resources such as promoting transit benefits and parking cash-out programs.


Carpools and vanpools are a faster and more affordable mode of traveling compared to driving alone. They also work well with flexible schedules and hybrid models and can be part of your company’s flexible and agile return to office plans.

Strategies for Health & Wellness

We also discussed important aspects of health and wellness your company needs to be aware of:

Physical & financial wellness

There are many physical and psychological benefits one gains from spending time outside that improve one’s quality of life and increase their concentration. Physical wellness can be promoted by the implementation of bike and walk programs in the workplace. Your employees’ can benefit financial from bike and walk programs as well as the implementation of a transit benefit or a parking cash out.

Biosecurity measures

Social distancing, well-ventilated spaces, and constant sanitation of high-touch surfaces are safety measures your organization should implement. Also, the Transit Tracker app shows the capacity at stations and individual lines for Metro rail, WMATA buses, and the VRE. This will assist your employees to find the least crowded route and time to travel to the office – keeping them safe.

Equity in the Workplace

The new normal and flexibility

Recognizing the new normal and autonomy employees have gained during the pandemic requires providing support that each employee needs to manage the new work-life balance. The strategies for returning to office, especially those focusing on slower transitions and flexible schedules, will help to level the playing field for your employees throughout 2021.

Accessibility & financial assistance

Finding other areas where employees can receive financial assistance or accessibility to necessary services will help increase retention, employee engagement, and productivity.

Keep Commutes in Your Return Plan Picture

Your employees will find a new world when they return to the office. Transit and ride-alone numbers are a far cry from what they were in February, but this can also present more challenges. Commute66 can equip you with proactive plans to help your employees transition back to the office with minimal hiccups.


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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