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Vanpool as Your Back to Office Commute

Tai Mooney
Tai Mooney October 15, 2020 Tai is a Program Coordinator for Vanpool Connect and Commute66 at Arlington Transportation Partners. His multi-modal commute involves a walk or bus ride to the Metro.

ATP Takeaway: If you’re transitioning back to your physical office location, it might be on your mind to hop back into your vanpool commute. We highlight some of the ways you can keep yourself and fellow riders safe while traveling in your commute pod.

After a summer of primarily teleworking, your company may be considering or has already begun transitioning employees back into the office. This means a return to your commute and potentially, your vanpool. However, the world of commuting is different than it was a mere six months ago. Here’s some safety measures you can take to keep yourself and your fellow riders healthy in addition to wearing a mask, washing hands, and practicing social distancing.

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Keep Your Circle Small

Vanpools are a great way to keep your circle of in-person contacts small. Getting to and from work with the same group everyday can reduce your risk of infection by maintaining a consistent pod of fellow commuters. Within this group, maintain daily communication between riders via group messaging or email to easily check on the health and prevention measures everyone is taking to stay safe.

Maintain a Squeaky-Clean Van

When returning to your van, make sure this shared space is as clean as possible. Thankfully, Commute with Enterprise created Complete Clean Starter Kits for their vans returning to service. The kits include disinfectant spray, masks, and gloves for riders to use to keep themselves and others safe. They also recommend forming a cleaning schedule amongst your van in order to share the responsibility of keeping the van sanitized.

Return With Confidence

Whether you’re returning to your original vanpool or in need of one to fit your schedule, do so by doing all you can to safely go about your workday.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

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