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Champion of the Month - The Aluminum Association

Rachel Coppe
Rachel Coppe January 9, 2024 As a Program Manager, Rachel helps employers in Arlington County improve their transportation programs. She leads the employer team in offering tailored programs and building client relationships.

ATP Takeaway: The Aluminum Association worked hard in 2023 to achieve Platinum through a combination of robust benefits and participation in Arlington Transportation Partners programming.

The Aluminum Association has been a proud participant in Champions since 2015. Consistently achieving a Gold designation, they were ready to earn Platinum for the second time in their 8 years participating in the program. Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) congratulates The Aluminum Association for attaining a Platinum Level designation and for their commitment to supporting their employees’ commutes.

2023_2_8_ATP Champions Banquet-036

 A Commitment to Sustainable Commutes

If you can think of a commute benefit, The Aluminum Association most likely offers it. They support employees biking, taking transit, and/or maintaining a schedule with telework options. Employees can take advantage of Capital Bikeshare memberships, a direct commuter benefit, and enjoy a compressed work schedule.

The Aluminum association are also proud of their signature hybrid work schedule. They offer employees the flexibility to telework two to three days per week. This, along with other changes they’ve employed since working with ATP have helped increase productivity and attentiveness and improve morale amongst employees.

Since working with ATP, The Aluminum Association has also noticed employees experience decreased stress around their commutes. They are a model example as to how committing to support your employees not only creates behavior change, but also makes staff happier to come to work.

Achieving Platinum Level

As a company with a focus on sustainability, The Aluminum Association was already rich in the spirit behind the work ATP accomplishes. Their determination to reach Platinum was inspired by a desire to achieve recognition for the work they were already committed to doing. Their 8-year participation in the Champions program also helped achieve this goal. With their steadfast commitment both to their achievements and their employees’ they were able to receive a Platinum designation and hope to maintain this designation in the future.

Be Inspired for 2024

The Aluminum Association has worked hard to achieve the designation they hold today. By working with ATP and committing to promoting sustainability in your workplace, being a Platinum Champion is never out of reach.  As we get ready to celebrate this year’s Champions at our banquet in February, we look forward to what 10 years of Champions will have in store. Congratulations again to The Aluminum Association.


Photo Credit: Albert Ting/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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