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Champion of the Month: The Earl Apartments

Sebastian Mieses
Sebastian Mieses October 30, 2023 Sebastian Mieses is Arlington Transportation Partners' Business Development Manager and works closely with multi-family residential properties to promote and implement transportation strategies and solutions at their buildings.

ATP Takeaway: The Earl Apartments have recently purchased an e-cargo bike, providing their residents with an eco-friendly way to run errands and commute. This eco-conscious move not only benefits their community but has also earned them Platinum Level status in Champions.

Even as Champions enters its final month, our existing Champions are still providing their residents with the best transportation options available. The Earl Apartments' recent acquisition of an e-cargo bike is a testament to their commitment to a sustainable future for their residents and to reducing congestion on Arlington County's roads.  



The e-cargo bike is not just a random new addition to The Earl's amenities, it's an effort to ensure a more sustainable and convenient lifestyle for their residents. Whether residents are heading to the grocery store or attending an event and need to transport several items, the e-cargo bike provides them with ample carriage space to run their errands and travel around Arlington in a eco-friendly way. 

Celebrating a Sustainable Achievement

What sets the Earl Apartments apart as a Platinum Level Champion is their outstanding dedication to better their community. By introducing the e-cargo bike, they're not just providing a means of transportation; they're actively reducing their carbon footprint.

They're forging a path toward cleaner air, reduced congestion, and a brighter future for us all. We are proud to announce  The Earl Apartments as our Champion of the Month for their remarkable effort to encourage their residents to embrace diverse modes of transportation.

There's still time to become a Champion

With the purchase of an e-cargo bike and creating a new commuting and traveling option for the residents, The Earl achieved Platinum Level in Champions, our highest level of achievement. 

There is still time for your property to participate in Champions and make a positive difference in your residents' lives and make a difference in your community.  Sign up today and gain a competitive advantage! 

How Your Community Can Purchase an E-Cargo Bike

If your property is interested in acquiring an e-cargo bike for your residents, Arlington Transportation Partners can assist you. We can put you in contact with local bike shops and vendors in Arlington and ensure that the process is easy and devoid of stress.  Contact your ATP rep today and schedule a meeting to find out how you can enhance your residents' experience at your property, stand out from the competition, and become a Champion. 


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