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Champion of the Month: Virginia Square Towers (Dittmar)

Alberto Fernandez
Alberto Fernandez November 12, 2021 Alberto is a former Associate Program Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.

ATP Takeaway: Virginia Square Towers has incorporated transportation into its strategy and works consistently in offering the best commute options to its residents.

Virginia Square Towers understands the needs of their multi-modal residents and provides them with multiple options and amenities that enhance their lifestyle. We take a look at some of the steps they have taken to stand out from the competition and earn Champion of the Month.




Information Is Key

Virginia Square Towers provide current residents and prospective ones with a myriad of transportation information ranging from bus brochures that highlight routes around the property, walking trails, as well as printed bike maps.

Upon move-in, new residents also receive an Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP)  customized quick glance for Virginia Square Towers, allowing them to become more familiar with the area, and discover all the transit options available to them, whether it's Capital Bikeshare stations, Metro stops, bus stops, or even rideshare options.

Riding the Biking Wave

Virginia Square Towers is always on top of the transportation trends in the area. With biking gaining in popularity throughout the pandemic, the property management has set up frequent free bike tune-up event for residents.

Residents brought their bikes to the event, where Conte's bike shop techs made minor adjustments on the spot, tuned up residents' bikes, and prepared them for their winter biking. 

Invite ATP to an event

Virginia Square Towers also invited ATP to join the bike tune-up event. ATP provided Capital Bikeshare Annual Membership discounts and some fun goodies to all the residents who attended the event. 

Capital Bikeshare Passes and SmarTrip Cards

Virginia Square Towers also provides new residents with the new-updated 24-hour passes for Capital Bikeshare. Residents who are new to the area can easily hop on a bike and discover some of of the excellent restaurants in Rosslyn or the many biking trails around the County.

Furthermore, residents who are back to commuting to the workplace can pick up a pre-loaded SmarTrip card at the front desk to travel by transit to their offices. 

Long Term Commitment

Virginia Square Towers has has been a terrific partner ever since Champions debuted in 2012. Year after year, the property has reached the highest levels of recognition and continued to provide the best transportation solution to its residents. 

Ready to stand out from the competition and enhance your residents' living experience in Arlington County? There's still time to sign up and become a Champion in 2021. Contact your ATP representative today to start your journey. 


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