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Earn Rewards During Your Commute

Ellie Heil
Ellie Heil January 17, 2024 As a Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners, Ellie consults for the Employer Services team. She is excited about helping employers offer their employees transportation benefits that promote work-life balance and sustainability.

ATP Takeaway: Commuting just got a whole lot sweeter, learn how your employees can earn financial rewards when you empower them to switch to a more sustainable commute.

Do you wish there was a way to get rewarded when you switch your commute? Look no further, these incentive programs will put money back in your wallet and make your commute worthwhile. Employers, consider contacting your Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) representative to learn how to implement and share these programs with your organization.


Regional Incentive Programs

Commuter Connections is a leading network of regional transportation organizations in the DC metropolitan area. They host two free programs that provide rewards to commuters, CarpoolNow and incenTrip. Each program has an app associated, just make an account with Commuter Connections, log your route, and start earning during your next commute.

CarpoolNow works by connecting a driving commuter with a passenger who needs a ride. Passengers ride for free and drivers receive $10 in cash for every trip. This is a great option if your company doesn’t support a carpooling program or if you’ve ever considered slugging.

On the other hand, with incenTrip you earn points by commuting in environmentally friendly modes, like public transit, fuel-efficient driving, biking, walking, and carpooling. The points you earn can be traded in for cash rewards of ranging from $10.00 to $50.00.

Carpool Rewards

If you are already in a carpool or thinking about creating one, you’ll want to register with ‘Pool Rewards. This hybrid-schedule friendly program will give each participant in the carpool a cash payout of $2 a day ($1 each way), with a maximum of $130 in 90 days.

Similarly, vanpools can also register and earn with ‘Pool Rewards. A van with seven or more participants is eligible for a $200 monthly subsidy. As a bonus, carpools and vanpools commuting on the I-495 corridor can earn an additional $100. Some restrictions may apply, more information can be found here.

Another way to ease the stress of your commute is with Flextime Rewards. This program rewards commuters who travel along designated bottleneck corridors by traveling during non-peak congestion times. The incenTrip app will notify you of congestion along your route, in which case you can elect to leave later. You’ll log your trip to earn up to $16 per day. Find more information and if you’re eligible here.

Lastly, Guaranteed Ride Home is a program that provides a safety net to commuters who use alternative forms of transportation, that are not driving alone. Once registered, participants will be able to request six free rides a year for unexpected changes to their usual workdays and commutes. Emergencies, construction on your usual transit route, you or your kids get sick- rest assured knowing you’ll never be stranded.

How ATP Can Help

Arlington Transportation Partners can help your workplace establish carpools and vanpools, so your employees can start earning points and rewards today. We can also connect you with Commuter Connections to provide informative resources and find answers to your questions.

At ATP we want to help your organization commute sustainably and get rewarded for their dedication. If these programs sound like they would be beneficial for your employees, connect with an ATP representative to learn more.


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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