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Ready to Form a Vanpool?

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson September 2, 2021 Katie was a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners

ATP Takeaway: Arlington Transportation Partner’s vanpool program–Vanpool Connect– has recently updated their Vanpool Formation Guide, helping you through how to form a vanpool, the benefits of vanpooling, and where Vanpool Connect steps in for support.

Starting a vanpool at your organization can help individuals find a convenient and affordable commute option, while employers can improve any parking issues they are experiencing and increase equity among their employees. Vanpools are ideal for commutes 15-miles or more in one direction – ones that are typically high in gas mileage and toll costs. And when they switch to vanpool, riders can cover the associated costs with their employer-provided transit benefit.

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How to Form a Vanpool

Forming a vanpool can take a bit of time but the effort put in is worth the rewards experienced by everyone involved.

Finding the right contacts

When starting this endeavor, it is best to have the right people working with you to help find potential riders, appropriate parking, and successfully set up the vanpool. Someone from HR or the office management team will have access to identifying and contacting potential riders. Vanpool providers and the worksite’s parking management company can assist in finding reliable and appropriately sized vehicles and free or reduced parking close by.

Vanpool formation

Vanpool formation hinges on potential riders knowing there are others near them with a similar destination and a desire to try a sustainable and economical commute option.

Density plot maps

These maps--created with employees’ home zip codes-- can provide a visual aid in demonstrating that others clusters employees who are near each other and available to vanpool.

Vanpool formation meetings

Once potential riders are identified, these meetings and events will provide the space to introduce riders to one another while also answering their questions and explaining the ins-and-outs of vanpooling.

Where Vanpool Connect Steps In

Vanpool formation may seem like a daunting task but working with Vanpool Connect will help to take off the time and effort individuals and employers must do to ensure success. Vanpool Connect will:

  • Create a Density Plot Map and identify areas where people can either join a nearby vanpool or form a new vanpool
  • Manage the peoples and teams required in forming a vanpool
  • Share how transportation benefits can be applied to pay vanpool costs through SmartBenefits and CommuterDirect
  • Host vanpool formation meetings and events

Our Vanpool formation guide provides you with all the information needed to form a vanpool and how Vanpool Connect can assist and simplify the process for your organization.

Download the Guide

Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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